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Welcome Aboard Our Newest Intern, from the OJT program, Tristan Aiken!

This February, CANA has partnered with the Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor & Industry, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) to sponsor an intern for the next three months.

"OVR The On-the-Job Training, or OJT, program provides opportunities for qualified OVR customers to enter into employment. OVR recognizes there are costs associated with training an employee to learn a new job. The OJT program will provide reimbursement of a percentage of an OVR customer's wages to absorb some of these training costs. OVR staff will be available at no cost to provide support and resources to facilitate a successful outcome for both the business and the OVR customer” (, 2020).

For the next three months, recent college graduate, Tristan Aiken, will work with CANA's graphics art team as well as certain clients and projects requiring graphics.

“I'm a graduate of IUP with a Bachelor's of Art. At CANA I am interning as a Graphics Assistant. I specifically will be supporting CANA's Graphics Arts Lead with marketing materials that are tailored to the CANA Advisors company look and feel."

Tristan will also work closely with the Social Media team providing graphics and design work for them under the direction of the Digital Media Coordinator and the Graphics Arts Lead. Pictured is Tristan (left) and Graphic Arts Lead, Koa Beam (right).

Please join us in welcoming Tristan to CANA Advisors!


CANA Advisors is a veteran-owned, woman-owned, equal opportunity company based out of Gainesville, Virginia in the United States of America.

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