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We provide solution excellence through our servant leadership, receptive listening, broad conceptual thinking, and on-target delivery.

About Us

Our Why Statement

CANA LLC strives to create an environment that allows our Team and Clients more time to focus on the things that matter most.



CANA LLC is a veteran-owned and woman-owned small business headquartered in Northern Virginia.  We are professionals with backgrounds in the extensive federal government and commercial experience providing intimate service offerings to our clients, specifically to:


  • Improve company operations management planning 

  • Establish cost savings and significant investment returns 

  • Craft decision support planning in logistics and supply chain operations 

  • Use analytics for simulation and optimization analysis of systems operations  

  • Product placement through strategic partnerships

  • Provide operations research and studies analysis

  • Evaluate data quality, process, and planning through analytics assessments

Why Choose Us


  • TRUST.  We love long-term relationships with our clients and network partners.  

  • FLEXIBLE & NIMBLE.  As a small business, we are committed to responding quickly to our clients and to our business network of partners.

  • CANA TEAM.  We have highly skilled personnel with intellectual capital, experienced logistics operations management, information technologist professionals, and practical program management experience building and implementing sophisticated commercial and government programs.

  • COMMON PROCESSES.  We believe that weaving together a set of common processes ensures consistent, repeatable, auditable, and measurable performance improvements, making a critical impact towards our clients’ mission and revenue success.

  • BEST PRACTICES.  CANA leverages best practices, innovative methodologies, and a broad mix of tools and models to help its commercial clients and government customers make intelligent business and technical decisions—from beginning stage plans to final program implementation and integration.  

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Rob Cranston

President & Chief Executive Officer

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Rob founded CANA LLC in 2008. An entrepreneur and logistics systems integration expert with over 30 years of experience in managing profit & loss, building new product lines, team and company investment strategies, solutions go-to-market rollout, productization road map planning, program management, and strategic planning execution; in both commercial and Federal markets. A former U.S. Marine Corps officer, Rob has an MS in Finance from Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and a BS in Political Science from the University of Colorado. He has successfully managed organizational business processes across all corporate functions including operations, business development, acquisitions, program management, financial management, and logistics/supply chain management. With extensive experience in logistics systems his visionary leadership is the guiding force behind CANA.

Elizabeth Cranston

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Cranston Esq. is the Chief Financial Officer of CANA LLC.  As CFO, Liz expertly
manages a diverse team of professionals and oversees the financial management and success
of multiple programs spanning CANA’s various services and product lines.  She is responsible
for ensuring the company’s financial strategic plan aligns with its vision and mission. A licensed
attorney and former U.S. Marine Corps officer, Liz brings a wealth of knowledge and experience
to the CANA leadership team.  Liz graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree from
Georgetown University and holds a Juris Doctor from the Lewis and Clark Law School in
Portland, Oregon.

Connie McKissack

Chief Operating Officer

Connie McKissack is CANA's Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for driving excellence in program management practices and delivering project management activities to clients. She has over 20 years of experience in program and project management supporting both commercial and federal clients. Her program and project management focus areas include software development, analytics, and business process management. Notably, Connie led business process improvement initiatives in a global Project Management Office to support an international automotive manufacturing organization. 

Throughout her career, Connie has focused on how technology supports growing organizations and has volunteered at nonprofits to help them improve virtual workforce communication through digital transformation.

Walt DeGrange

Senior Director of Analytics

CANA LLC Team member Walt DeGrange has been with CANA since 2014 and is the Senior Director of Analytics. He has over 20 years of experience in scoping, performing, and implementing analytic solutions. Walt is an Operations Research Professional with implemented analytics solutions in Government, Industry, and Academia. 

Walt is also an educator and teaches online for the University of Arkansas and serves as an Executive Practicum Advisor at the NC State Poole School of Management. As a Team CANA speaker and course instructor, he contributes his experience and skills to the CANAs’ Learning and Development seminars and workshops.

In his role as the Senior Director of Analytics (DAC) at CANA, Walt is responsible for recruiting, training, and equipping CANA's analytics professionals.

Joe Moreno

Director of Development

Joe Moreno is the Director of Development at CANA where he oversees software engineering teams and processes. He began his software engineering experience as an enlisted Marine computer programmer in the mid-1980s with Cobol and dBase III+. During the 1990s, Joe served as an infantry supply officer on two Marine Expeditionary Unit deployments to the Persian Gulf. 

Joe began working as a software engineer at Apple in the late 1990s, specializing in object-oriented web applications developed in Java for the Apple Online Store. His focus was backend caching at the online store to support and scale high loads immediately following Steve Jobs’ keynote presentations. While working for Apple, Joe was called up to active duty several times. In 2005, he deployed to East Africa in support of CJTF-HOA where he coordinated humanitarian missions at the American embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

Joe has worked at several high-tech startups, focusing on social media, crowdfunding, and the sharing economy.

Anna Sterrett

Director of Business and People Operations

Anna is experienced as an innovative director, supervisor, private practitioner, and trainer, with over 25 years of progressive behavioral health, education, and managed care experience. She has a proven track record in roles of supervision, quality assurance, and leadership.  

Anna holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania. She is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and possesses a certification in Project Management from Coursera.

As the Director of Business and People Operations at CANA, LLC. Anna is responsible for managing internal business capabilities and developing CANA’s people strategy across the company. She is uniquely positioned to manage and supervise business operations including financial, contracting, and internal and external social media outreach. Together with the line directors, Anna promotes and supports personnel management which involves resourcing, recruiting, reporting, and retention.

Shawn Charchan

Technical Director of Energy Solutions 

Shawn joins our team with ten years of experience as a Marine, having served first as a logistician and later as a uniformed operations research analyst. After transitioning to civilian life in 2010 Shawn began work as a Senior Operations Research / Systems Analysis (ORSA) and team lead and quickly found a home providing both analysis and development of bespoke analytical tools in support of the Operational Energy (OE) community, including the Service Energy Offices, OSD, and DARPA. In his new role with CANA, Shawn will be responsible for developing energy-related offerings and transitioning those offerings into opportunities in which he will provide management, modeling, and simulation development, solution integration, and analysis support. He also presently serves as the Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis (MS&A) coordinator across the multiple current and proposed pilots CANA supports via the Southern California (SoCal) Tech Bridge.


Shawn holds a bachelor's degree in Quantitative Economics from the United States Naval Academy as well as a Master's in Operations Analysis from Naval Postgraduate School.

Chris Cichy

Director of Innovation & Strategy

Chris is a seasoned, results-driven professional with over 20 years of active-duty experience supporting the DoD. He brings to CANA his detailed knowledge and experience in combat/capabilities development as it relates to requirements management, acquisition planning, and programming and budgeting activities.


Chris is a proven team player with the ability to solve complex problems, build teams, integrate solutions, and deliver distinguished results. CANA LLC is proud to have a retired U.S.Marine who has held small unit leadership positions up to planning, operations, and executive staff-level positions with our team.

● Broad Leadership Experience

● Ability to Lead Innovative Improvement
● Proven Management Skills

● Excellent Written & Verbal Communications Skills
● Strategic Thinker

● Strong STEM background with ability to translate
● Proven Organizational Change Manager

● Ability to Lead Innovative Improvement

Our Team


Programs and Project Management Team
Logistics Team
Operations Research Team
Software Development Team
Business Operations
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