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About CANA eSports and eSports Analytics

CANA is a woman-veteran owned small business located in Northern Virginia that provides innovative analytics and logistics operations solutions and services for both Federal and Commercial clients. CANA launched a sports analytics line with capabilities in advanced analytics, modeling and simulation, and data analysis in early 2015. We are now expanding those capabilities into the world of esports.

Game Console

Games and the World of Esports Analytics

The esports industry is growing at an exponential rate and there are substantial amounts of data available due to its entirely virtual operating environment. Although there are numerous data and analytical sources for esports, there is not much in-depth analysis being done. CANA recognizes there is data not being utilized to its full potential, and we strive to be a catalyst in furthering the success of esports through analytics.  

How CANA Can Help

Esports Recruitment Analytics.  CANA  can create standardized metrics for players by pinpointing the most valuable attributes needed for each game and analyzing which strategy produced the best success. This will allow colleges and professional teams to evaluate these athletes in a much more effective manner. The creation of these standardized metrics also benefits the esports players as well. It allows players to pinpoint areas of their game that are being evaluated in greater detail, giving them insight on the most crucial aspects and attributes to improve. 

Promoting Gaming Diversity. We believe that Esports is a sport that has no gender-based advantages, yet it still maintains separations.  CANA can help the esports industry take the steps needed to incorporate co-ed teams. Specific CANA capabilities, such as data quality and analytic assessments, operations research, and studies & analyses, will support this effort. CANA can pinpoint key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends in the esports industry, with a focus on female participation and viewership, and propose optimization models and solutions to leagues, teams, organizations, and supporting companies. 

Esports League Analytics Provider. Aside from tracking data within an eSports league, CANA can implement new metrics to measure within the eSports industry. Normalizing rankings at state and national levels is something that we have had experience in with our traditional sport projects. This will be a crucial statistic for eSports because records do not always portray the true value of a team or organization. Other factors such as difficulty of schedule and environmental factors are key aspects needed to accurately evaluate performance. Environmental factors can vary from game to game, or it could be LAN events versus in-home events. 

MORE AREAS TO DISCOVER! There is an abundance of data in the world of esports, and CANA wants to utilize it in every way we can. The aforementioned areas are not absolutes; CANA  continues to explore areas we can best support!



CANA Esports Tournament

As part of CANA’s commitment to esports and related esports analytics, we are hosting a series of CANA Esports Rainbow Six Showdown events. We held our first one on April 23rd - 25th, 2021.  Our goal is to promote interesting analytics, diversity, and pure gaming.  We want to share our passion for sports and esports, so stay tuned for future events!

Tournament Details

CANA Esports Rainbow Six Siege 5v5 Showdown

Game: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

The event results can be viewed at  CANA Esports R6 Showdown | Toornament - The esports technology*

R6 Tournament Bracket
Tournament Details

CANA Esports Rainbow Six Siege 5v5 Showdown 2: TBD

Game: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

PsychWard R6 Showdown Champs.png

View Event Information Rules, Player Code of Conduct and Legal Disclaimer 



R6 Showdown

5v5 Event Rules

Video Game Developers

Player Code of Conduct

Playing Video Games

CANA E-Sports Legal Disclaimer



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