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About CANA eSports and eSports Analytics

CANA is a woman-veteran owned small business located in Northern Virginia that provides innovative analytics and logistics operations solutions and services for both Federal and Commercial clients. CANA launched a sports analytics line with capabilities in advanced analytics, modeling and simulation, and data analysis in early 2015. We are now expanding those capabilities into the world of esports.

Game Console

Games and the World of Esports Analytics

The esports industry is growing at an exponential rate and there are substantial amounts of data available due to its entirely virtual operating environment. Although there are numerous data and analytical sources for esports, there is not much in-depth analysis being done. CANA recognizes there is data not being utilized to its full potential, and we strive to be a catalyst in furthering the success of esports through analytics.  


ESPORTS Services & Solutions

Intelligent Analytics
The CANA esports team understands vast data on esports should be easily accessible but often is not. We present a new way to capture and analyze more useful data. CANA’s innovative and unique take on esports analytics allows us to implement new metrics for a variety of games, and/or offer new solutions to players, students, schools, programs, and/or companies. A key to promoting the growth and success of esports is to provide everyone with more detailed data that will drive informed decisions and ultimately help the players, organizers, and audience understand the true value esports offers.

  • Esports Programs & Companies - Scholastic, Amateur, Professional

    • Get in-depth, insightful analytics on how your program is performing and the overall impact it is having on your school or organization.

  • Esports Players

    • Discover your true value, as an individual and to your team, by accessing in-depth analytics on your gameplay.

League Analytics Provider

Aside from tracking data within an esports league, CANA provides unique analytics graphics and dashboards that enhance live streams, consumer engagement, and overall league offerings. CANA can also implement new metrics to measure within the esports industry. Through our traditional sports projects, CANA has valuable experience in normalizing rankings at state and national levels. This can be a crucial statistic for esports because records do not always portray the true value of a team or organization. Other factors such as the difficulty of schedule and environmental factors are key aspects needed to accurately evaluate performance. 

  • Esports Leagues

    • CANA provides enhanced league offerings such as gameplay and business data and stats tracking systems, real-time live stream stats and unique analytics graphics, and much more!

Esports Recruitment

The esports industry pathway to pro is fragmented, but CANA intends to help bring it together. There are many unexplored, but valuable, opportunities available for the competitive gameplay and business side of esports. CANA’s unique and innovative recruitment platform fills this gap for individuals and organizations that lack the resources available to capitalize on those opportunities. Our recruitment platform will support both gameplay and business career recruitment with the top class of industry professionals and colleges actively looking for talent. CANA can create standardized metrics for players by pinpointing the most valuable attributes needed for each game and analyzing which strategies produce the best results. This provides ample benefits to the college and professional teams and the players by highlighting key areas. We pride ourselves on helping people, teams, schools, and companies unlock their full potential.

  • Players and Job Seekers

    • Discover opportunities, increase your network, and start your career in esports gameplay and/or business!

  • Esports Leagues, Programs, Teams, Coaches, and Companies

    • Find unique talent and grow your organization in a more efficient and effective way!

Promoting Gaming Diversity

CANA supports women in esports advancements. CANA believes esports is a sport that has no gender-based advantages, yet it still maintains needless separations. CANA can help the esports industry take the needed steps to incorporate co-ed teams through specific capabilities, such as data quality and analytic assessments, operations research, and studies and analyses. CANA can pinpoint key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends in the esports industry, with a focus on female participation and viewership, and propose optimization models and solutions to leagues, teams, organization, and supporting companies. Although CANA’s focus is on women in esports, we aim to support all minority and disadvantaged groups in esports. These capabilities are transferable to any group.  

  • Grow the representation of women and other underrepresented groups in esports!





CANA is a proud partner of the Warrior GMR Foundation. The Warrior GMR Foundation is a platform where gamers, active military, and veterans come together to promote mental and physical health, wellness, and community-ship through gaming and esports.


CANA supports Warrior GMR with gameplay analytics for their active military and veteran centered esports events. This partnership began in 2022 and has seen CANA support two Warrior GMR events this year.


Pro League Analytics

CANA would be proud to be the analytics provider for your professional esports league seasons and events. CANA can provide unique gameplay analytics for Rocket League and other completive esports games through our custom API Powered by CANA Analytics®.

Contact us to see how we can help you get the most accurate and insightful analytics out of your competitive esports events.


Future Partners

Contact us to find out how you and your organization can partner with CANA ESPORTS!


Express your voice and message on our
esports-focused CANA Connection podcast!

We have hosted industry leaders and experts from all areas, including women in esports; youth and high school esports; collegiate esports; professional esports; and esports law and regulation.

CANA Connection Podcast


CANA R6 Showdown

As part of CANA’s commitment to esports and related esports analytics, CANA hosted an online Rainbow Six Siege esports tournament on April 23rd - 25th, 2021. This event included eight teams that ranged from amateur to professional skill level. This event gave us first-hand experience with the multiple intertwined aspects of the esports industry. CANA collected critical esports data, analyzed how esports tournaments are run, and gathered instructive characteristics of esports players from this event. This was CANA’s first step into the esports industry.


Read more about the CANA esports Rainbow Six Showdown

Rainbow Six Siege 5v5 event

The event results can be viewed at  CANA Esports R6 Showdown | Toornament - The esports technology*

Warrior GMR Armed Forces Esports Championship 2022

The Warrior GMR Armed Forces Esports Championship was a two-day Rocket League tournament with two separate brackets: an Armed Forces bracket and Gold Star Gamers (GSG) bracket. This event took place on August 19th and -20th, 2022, in Glendale, Colorado. The Armed Forces bracket had six teams compete for the championship: Air Force Gaming, US Army Esports, Coast Guard Gaming, Space Force Gaming, and the US Navy - Goats and Glory. Air Force took home the title with a dominant performance in which they did not lose a single match. 

The Gold Star Gamers are an amazing esports organization that was created for children that have lost a parent or family member in the armed forces. This organization had four teams compete in the GSG bracket: GSG US Army, GSG Navy, GSG Air Force, and GSG Marines. GSG Army was the dominant team as they did not lose a single game on their path to winning the title.

CANA’s INVOLVEMENT: CANA provided real-time gameplay analytics for both brackets. Aside from tracking in-depth statistics, CANA developed its own Most Valuable Player (MVP) metric that calculated and measured all types of statistics on both offensive and defensive player performance. This and other metrics were all done real-time and shown on the live stream of the event.

Warrior GMR Veterans Day Valorant Invitational

The Warrior GMR Veteran’s Day Valorant Invitational was a one-day event hosted at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia, on November 11th, Veteran’s Day, 2022. The main event was the Armed Forces Valorant tournament, but there was also an open Super Smash Bros tournament open to all. The Valorant tournament had eight teams competing for the championship: Air Force Gaming, US Army Esports, Space Force Gaming, Coast Guard Gaming, US Navy - Goats & Glory, REGIMENT, Shenandoah Esports A, and Shenandoah Esports B. This tournament was very competitive, but ultimately saw Air Force Gaming come away with the championship title. This was the Air Force Gaming’s second Warrior GMR championship this year.

CANA INVOLVEMENT: CANA collected and analyzed gameplay data and statistics from the Armed Forces Valorant tournament. Within this analysis, CANA created new metrics and developed a ranking system that ranked every player by every statistic collected and created. This analysis was released to all players, coaches, and audience members. It provided all with a more detailed view of the true value of each player, as well as unique and interesting insight into the overall performance of each team.



CANA esports Team  and contact information:

Twitter:  @CanaEsports 

Discord: CANA_Esports#0059 

Twitch:  CANA_Esports




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