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CANA is Going to Make Waves at the 92nd MORS Symposium

Get ready for a splash at the upcoming MORS Symposium in Monterey, CA, at the Naval Postgraduate School from June 24-27! 

Drone Swarms vs. High-Value Targets: Who Will Win?

Connor S. McLemore will be taking center stage with a presentation titled "Determining Best Combinations of Many Multi-Domain Unmanned Systems to Defend High-Value Units."  This session tackles the growing threat of low-cost drone and missile attacks on maritime commerce, a battle playing out right now in the Red Sea. 

CANA's Impact Goes Beyond the Waves

The CANA team isn't just about robots. Renee Carlucci, a MORS Fellow, is making waves of her own by coordinating sessions that empower women in MORS and equip presenters with the skills to deliver knockout technical talks. 

Steering the Course: CANA Leaders at the Helm

Look out for Nick Ulmer and Walt DeGrange, both serving on the MORS Board of Directors. They'll be navigating board meetings and shaping the future of the organization. Nick will also be taking on the role of a Rist Prize Team Mentor, guiding the next generation of MORS innovators. 

Dive Deep with CANA!

The CANA team is eager to connect with you at the MORS Symposium.  Stop by our table to discuss collaboration opportunities, learn more about their work, or simply chat with a team at the forefront of defense technology.


Walt DeGrange

Walt DeGrange is the Senior Director of Analytics here at CANA. You can contact Walt via email at or on Linkedin.

Renee Carlucci

Renee Carlucci is the Principal Operations Research Analyst here at CANA. You can contact Renee via email at or on Linkedin.

Nick Ulmer

Nick Ulmer is the Principal Operations Research Analyst here at CANA. You can contact Nick via email at or on Linkedin.

Connor McLemore

Connor McLemore is the

Principal Operations Research Analyst here at CANA. You can contact Connor via email at or on Linkedin.

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