CANA Advisors has been a veteran-owned company since its beginning in 2008. Liz Cranston, CEO, and Rob Cranston, President and COO, started CANA on the foundation of their military experiences. Having both served as Marine Corps Logistics Officers, Liz and Rob recognize the value of military veterans and the strength of military bonds. From day one, CANA has been committed to being a resource and gateway for veterans of all types to join the civilian workforce. Over 60% of CANA employees are veterans. 

CANA strives to provide an encouraging environment to support veterans. CANA’s culture is based on its Why Statement - To create an environment that allows our Team and Clients more time to focus on the things that matter most. For veterans in the midst of military transition, this philosophy allows them the flexibility to focus on a myriad of tasks while simultaneously learning to thrive in the corporate environment. CANA is fully virtual and offers employment opportunities that are often uniquely suited to the veteran workforce. CANA is committed to America’s veterans!

V3 Program

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The Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program is a free training and certification program for employers to help them implement nationally recognized best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly-skilled and dependable veterans.


The V3 Program is an official Commonwealth of Virginia Program, authorized under the Code of Virginia (§ 2.2-2001.2). It is organized under the directorate of Veterans Education, Training, and Employment (VETE), within the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS), an agency of the Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs. V3 offers employment grants to certified companies. Veterans hired for purposes of this grant must be employed within 5 years of discharge from active duty, hired in a full-time capacity, and retained for at least one year.

CANA became a certified V3 industry partner in June of 2020. Website:

Skillbridge program

The DoD SkillBridge program is an opportunity for service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships, or internships during their last few months of service. Separating service members can be granted up to 180 days of permissive duty to focus solely on training with approved industry partners.


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The CANA SkillBridge Internship is an exciting and unique position specifically developed through CANA to give veterans hands-on experience in the civilian workforce. The professional development offered through this collaborative internship program prepares interns for a smooth transition into meaningful civilian careers. The CANA SkillBridge Intern will participate in, and be assigned to, various CANA commercial practices, projects, and technologies that will nurture exclusive on-the-job training. At the onset of the internship, a POA&M (Plan of Action & Milestones) will be established. This POA&M is a flexible schedule, which will guide the 90 days CANA SkillBridge Internship and meet the requirements of the DoD SkillBridge Program.

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CANA is honored to have been recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a #HIREVets Platinum Medallion Award recipient for its commitment to attract and retain veterans to the workforce.



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"CANA was an easy decision for me…. CANA offered me the opportunity to do really interesting work in both commercial and federal spaces. The flexibility offered through the virtual workplace was unique at the time and has let me achieve the best work-life balance I have ever had. I have been with CANA for a year, now in roles of increasing responsibility, and I know I made the right choice. CANA is a great team, a great company, and a great fit."


-Jason Fincher

Army Career Skills Program (CSP)

The Army Career Skills Program (CSP) is the U.S. Army’s implementation and administrative oversight of the DoD Skillbridge Program. Soldiers are eligible to participate in an Army CSP up to 180 days prior to separation and have the opportunity to participate in first-class apprenticeships, on-the-job training (OJT), job shadowing, internships, and employment skills training.


CANA began its relationship with the Army CSP in April of 2020.



CAC Enabled Website:


“I have a very unique transition story. I went through a very tragic loss in the middle of my transition, which forced me to pivot from the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program to the Army Career Skills Program. CANA was very flexible and because they are a virtual company, afforded me the time to be with my family…. I am so thankful that CANA gave me that opportunity in the most difficult time of my life. I was excited to accept a full-time offer in June of 2020 and since then I have continued to grow in my career as a project manager!”

-Hannah Wallace

America'S warrior
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CANA is proud to partner with America's Warrior Partnership to connect transitioning members, veterans, and their families to the resources they need. 


The mission at America’s Warrior Partnership is empowering communities to empower veterans. Their approach to this mission takes many forms, but it always starts with connecting community organizations with local veterans to understand their unique situations. The ultimate goal is to create a better quality of life for all veterans by empowering local communities to proactively and holistically serve them.

Recently America's Warrior Partnership as part of CVI showcased CANA Advisors' continuous veteran advocacy and highlighted an outstanding veteran employee within CANA. Hannah Wallace is a former United States Army officer and a fellow of the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program (CFP), with an infectiously positive personality and a story that serves as an example of resilience and how a veteran can best serve any organization. Read the feature article at America's Warrior Partnership Website (Corporate Veteran Initiative: CANA Advocates for Veteran Employees (



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