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CANA is a business technology solutions company “Powered by CANA Analytics®.” We are comprised of CANA staff who provide logistics systems integration, applied analytics services & software solutions. 

What We Do... We Are Professionals With Deep Expertise in:

Analysis of Logistics Systems

We focus on generating positive returns on investment while solving hard problems for our public sector and commercial clients.  We customize our service and solutions offerings, specifically to

  • Improve company operations workflows and operational planning

  • Create efficient logistics planning cycles 

  • Establish cost savings and significant investment returns

  • Automate and innovate warehousing operations 

  • Analytics application to simulation and optimization analysis of systems operations 

  • Provide operations research and studies analysis

  • Front end Assessments on Warehousing and Logistics operations

  • Evaluate data quality, process, and planning through analytics assessments

  • Programming and software development

  • Application of AI/machine learning methods

  • Build stakeholder public-private partnerships (P3) in research & development of advanced technologies in mobile 5G, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure

CANA LLC is a veteran-owned and woman-owned small business headquartered in Northern Virginia.

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