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Public Sector - Federal/State

Points of Contact:
Rob Cranston (email:
Norm Reitter (email:
Analytics Solutions: Walt DeGrange (email:
Healthcare Analytics: Jerome Dixon (email:

Modernizing, applying analytics, building innovative logistics operations methods and solutions, and creating an ROI for our Federal/State clients.  Specific areas we focus on:

  • Logistics systems integration, asset distribution, transportation and shipping fleet asset positioning 

  • Operations Research to include mathematical optimization forecasting, decision theory & modeling of dynamic systems applications

  • Applied Analytics in Predictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive  

  • Supply Chain and Transportation Management Applications

  • Web and API Applications

  • Data Visualization

  • Modeling & Simulation of fleets of vehicles and ships

  • Digital twin lifecycle planning around innovation R&D

  • Innovation R&D policy and electric vehicle, 5G, smart mobility hub implementation pilots

  • Machine Learning & Micro Services - Rapid development and deployment of machine learning models.

Smart Cities Infrastructure

Points of Contact:
Rob Cranston (email:
Norm Reitter (email:

What will your region look like in five years? We ensure today’s automation in solutions not only address near-term objectives but position projects for future success. Specific areas we focus on:

  • Improving citizen services 

  • Implementing operational improvements in urban city mobility and infrastructure planning  

  • IoS 

  • Building P3 coalitions with city planners, private energy infrastructure and mobility companies, institutional capital, and Federal installations planners  

  • Smart Warehousing

  • Smart Electric Infrastructure 

  • Smart Mobility Planning 

  • Project and program management in data management of mobility hubs

Logistics Management

Points of Contact:
Rob Cranston (email:
Norm Reitter (email:
CANA Drone Solutions: Terry Hagen (email:

Value-added services and solutions to global markets are sustained by complex transportation, distribution, and supply chains that integrate resources, people, production, and movement into sophisticated networks of delivery.  Specific areas we focus on:

  • City and broader transportation connection to electric infrastructure, and shared mobility expansion

  • Clean Energy Electric Mobility Hubs  

  • Logistics Services and Systems Integration  

  • City, State, Federal connector plans in supporting transportation, distribution, and supply chain innovation pilots

  • Innovation Tech Excellerators

  • Transportation vehicle and unmanned systems fleet management 

  • CANA Drone Solutions - Logistics applications, systems data collection, and workflow integration 

  • System of Systems Data Collection

  • Distribution Network Modeling

  • Logistics Management Applications

Consumer Products - Warehousing

CANA Warehousing Solutions and Services Leads:
Executive Lead: Norm Reitter (email:

Warehouse Services and Solutions: Cliff Carpenter (email:

IT Support: Joe Moreno (

CANA Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) - A low cost, customized, and innovative focus to manage your warehouse operations.  Let us simplify and customize your WMS solution to get the job done!

  • Assessment of clients physical warehouse layout and full WMS implementation

  • Outbound dispatch planning 

  • Inbound Intransit Visibility AI Systems of Systems

  • Shipping Fulfillment - Carrier system integration 

  • Asset tracking 

  • Understanding the tradeoffs between items on-hand and remotely stored

  • Optimal storage solutions 

  • Distribution planning and inventory ordering balancing demands

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Defense Logistics

Government Services Lead - Norm Reitter (email:
Senior Subcontracts Administrator - Kristin Fairman (email:

CANA Logistics and Analytics teams work with DOD logistics and operations organizations to solve their toughest problems.  


CANA has a portfolio of contracts with which to reach our military customers that include.  In addition, we are a woman and veteran owned small business prime contractor providing direct contract work on several DOD programs. 

Please inquire about the following CANA Prime contracts: 

  • Navy SeaPort-Next Generation

  • HQ’s Installation and Logistics (I&L), Logistics Plans (LP), IDIQ (Small Business) 

  • Operations Naval Research (ONR), Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology (S&T)

  • Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific (PAC)

  • NavalX SoCalTech Bridge




DUNS and CAGE numbers available upon request.

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