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Government Services Lead - Norm Reitter (email:

CANA Advisors has a portfolio of contracts with which to reach our Government customers that include: Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) task order contracts, Multiple Award Schedules (MAS), and GSA Schedules (pending). In addition, we are active team members on contract vehicles for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, and Department of Transportation. We also have many other contract vehicles available for our use as a subcontractor. The following is a list of our contract vehicles.

  • SeaPort-Next Generation



  • PSS


  • AEWD

  • RITA



CANA Healthcare Points of Contact - Rob Cranston (email: Jerome Dixon (email:

​Our Healthcare Analytics team works with healthcare organizations to solve their toughest problems. We bring our unique experience of working in high-trust, high-impact environments. Our approach is to determine patterns of life for patients and organizations. These may then be compared against each other and 'divergent' or 'different' cases may be identified. These can be used backwards looking to find irregularities in billing or forward looking to find early indications of impending illness, for example.

  • Statistical Services

  • Operations Research to include mathematical optimization, decision theory & modeling of dynamic systems applications

  • Large Scale Simulation Modeling

  • Supply Chain Management Applications

  • Web and API Applications

  • Data Visualization


CANA Sports Analytics Lead - Walt DeGrange (email:

Our CANA Sports Analytics capabilities include using descriptive statistics to categorize past performance, predictive analytics to forecast future impact of changing key variables, and prescriptive analytics to recommend the best solution for a given situation. The CANA magic is being able to produce solutions that owners, coaches, management, and players can understand and use. For example, understanding the context of the team game performance data such as the style of play is critical in building relevant models and then being able to recommend changes to produce the desired result. CANA makes solutions coachable.  

  • Statistical Services

  • Hockey Analytics

  • LAX Analytics

  • Pre-Game Preparation

  • Off-Field Decision Support



DUNS and CAGE numbers available upon request.

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