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CANA offers once-in-a-generation opportunities for clients and partners in the electric mobility, logistics, and infrastructure markets. The future of electric is now.

The country is undergoing a major shift away from internal combustion engines and towards an electric vehicle future dependent on electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE), not just for the civilian population, but crucially for military operations as well.

CANA is where you need us.

We're engaged in supporting a number of current and prospective markets such as Mobility Clusters on Military Installations (MCMI), urban electrification, smart city initiatives, wildfire mitigation, warehousing and logistics,  and various DoD applications. Our offerings are applicable and adaptable across a wide range of commercial and governmental electric mobility platforms. 

Our established network of partners and current federal DoD contracts help create opportunities to bring and support electrified technology aboard military installations and into the future battlespace. 


Specific areas we focus on:
  • City and broader transportation connection to electric infrastructure, and shared mobility expansion

  • Clean Energy Electric Mobility Hubs  

  • Logistics Services and Systems Integration  

  • City, State, and Federal connector plans in supporting transportation, distribution, and supply chain innovation pilots

  • Innovation Tech Accelerators

  • Transportation vehicle and unmanned systems fleet management 

  • System of Systems Data Collection

  • Distribution Network Modeling

  • Logistics Management Applications


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