Working Virtually Webinar Part 3: Parenting, Caregiving, and Remote Work

Updated: Apr 22

On April 16th CANA Advisors held part 3 of our webinar series on Working Virtually. Part 3 was a team CANA panel a conversation on parenting and care giving while working from home. Our team members will share their stories, challenges, and tips in their roles as caregivers and professionals. Over the past few weeks, most organizations have made the switch to working from home, a major transition for many employees. Our inboxes and news feeds have been flooded with articles on how to master the world of remote work. As an organization that was built to operate remotely and has been operating in this context for over twelve years, CANA Advisors is no stranger to the world of working virtually. As a remote team, one of the biggest changes many of us have experienced in the past few weeks is the addition of new “coworkers,” children, spouses, etc who are home at all hours. In this session, we'll have a candid conversation on maintaining work-life balance, staying focused, and setting up a remote team for success.

DID YOU MISS PARTS 1 or 2? Don't worry if you missed any of our Working Virtually series you can watch them all here:

or listen to the podcast versions of any of the webinar here:

JOIN THE ONGOING CONVERSATION Building a vibrant, virtual professional community is more important than ever before. We want to hear about your experience working remotely and answer any questions you may have. Join in the conversation now on the CANA Connect Forum.

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