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The Transitioning Military Workforce

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In this special Team CANA spotlight episode, our host Rob Cranston will be talking with a handful of active military and veteran TEAM CANA members, about some of the special military workforce transitioning programs that are available, how to get involved in those programs, what it's like making the transition to the civilian workforce, and how the team at CANA Advisors and the CANA Foundation are involved. A big thanks goes out to Hannah Wallace, Walt DeGrange, Cornelious Young, and Kenny McRostie for being part of today's Team CANA veteran spotlight interview.

If you would like more information about the programs mentioned in the show or how you can get involved, hit up our website and specifically our CANA Foundation page under the about section at While you are there why not consider signing up for our newsletter, checking out some of the blogs, or joining our community forum. The CANA Connection podcast is available on Spotify, and on many of the other popular podcast Streaming services. You can also find us on all of the major social media platforms at CANA Advisors.

As always remember, Analyze, Assess, and Execute.

Our Host: Rob Cranston (

Guests: Hannah Wallace (, Walt DeGrange (, Cornelious Young (, and Kenny McRostie (



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