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A Transportation and Fleet Management talk with Chris Schoenecker, CEO, RoadsideSystems

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

CANA Connection Host: Rob Cranston

Guest: Chris Schoenecker CEO of RoadSide Sytems

Welcome to this episode of CANA Connection Podcast. Join us as our CANA Advisors President and Host Rob Cranston talks with long time friend Chris Schoenecker, CEO of RoadSide Systems about the logistics, changes, and innovations in the transportation trucking and fleet management industry during these changing times. Listen in as they discuss how the current pandemic changes affect the shipping backbone of our nation's economy and what does the future hold.

Listen to the CANA Connection Podcast: Episode 10

If you would like more information about RoadSide Systems please visit their website at

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And as always remember; Analyze. Assess. and Execute.


Click below for a PDF written transcript of this podcast.

A Transportation and Fleet Management tr
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