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2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

CANA Advisors team at Informs 2019

CANA Advisors is unique in many ways. Two of them are the variety of exciting analytics application areas and the focus on collaborating with the broader analytics community. The 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, from October 20-22 provides an excellent venue for CANA to showcase these qualities.

Monday, October 21

Track: SpORts Session: MB-69 Location: S-Seneca

CANA's Director of Analytics Capabilities, Walt DeGrange, is presenting "Does Sports Analytics Work: Part Three." This multi-year analysis uses machine learning, k-means clustering, to answer the question of if analytics is making a difference in the four professional major sports leagues in the United States. The big announcement this year is that this effort is going open source.

Tuesday, October 22

Track: Data Mining Session: TA34 Location: CC-Room 603

CANA analyst Jerome Dixon briefing his Ph.D. research in a presentation titled "Predicting Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic Staffing Requirements from Historical Patient Data."

Track: Developing Analytics Talent and Culture Session: TA10 Location: CC-Room 213 "Using the INFORMS Analytics Capability Evaluation (ACE) to Support Organizational Change and Improvements." This brief presents CANA's Senior Vice President Analytics Operations and Chief Analytics Officer Norm Reitter's vision for increasing the use of the ACE. The session also uses examples of how organizations have used the ACE to shape their analytical capabilities. The presentation also reviews CANA ACE results performed over the past five years at a variety of government, commercial, and professional sports organizations.

Wednesday, October 23

Track: Military and Security

Session: WB-31

Location: CC-Room 6B Walt will present, "Why Won't They Use My Model? Difficulties in Implementing Optimal Scheduling Models." The presentation is an overview of a chapter of a book being released in March (Handbook of Military and Defense Operations Research). This brief reflects on why math and modeling are much easier than the implementation of a model. Even if the model saves hours a day and millions of dollars a year.

If you are planning on attending the 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, and want to learn how CANA is collaborating and sharing, then plan on attending one of our presentations. We will also be sharing our conference experiences through social media. We look forward to seeing you in person or engaging online!


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