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Informs Podcast - Resoundingly Human

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Informs Resoundingly Human podcast

Team CANA's Chief Analytics Officer and Senior Vice President of Analytics Operations, Norm Reitter, was present on the fantastic INFORMS podcast -"Resoundingly Human"- this week. Norm was featured in an interview called,"Helping businesses up their O.R. and analytics game, featuring Norman Reitter" during the podcast.

...Organizations around the world, big and small, in nearly every industry, are implementing operations research and analytics to improve their business operations. But how can an organization tell how well it is using O.R. and analytics? With the INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model!...

To listen to the interview in its entirety follow this link

If you would like to catch up on all the various news, articles and podcasts INFORMS has to offer head over to their ORMS Today website. The INFORMS team does a great job of turning around their podcasts very quickly for posting on their site, and the entire archive of the ORMS Today podcasts can be found over at


If you are interested in having a member of Team CANA talk on one of your podcasts or are looking for expert insight into the worlds of big data, analytics, logistics or operations feel free to contact us at

Norm Reitter

To learn more about the Analytics Capability Evaluation program, contact Norm Reitter at

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