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Mr. Charchan has 23 years of professional experience including 10 years as an active duty USMC logistics officer and 13 years providing modeling, simulation, and analysis in support of DoD decision-makers. His tenure within and supporting the DOD spans a diverse set of agencies and supplies him with a backdrop of expertise in operations, logistics, acquisition, and policy issues. That knowledge, combined with his OR-based skill set, provides him the ability to bring together cross-organizational experience, critical thinking skills, and a passion for answering tough questions to inform decisions and shape organizational strategy.  In doing so, Mr. Charchan has become a go-to resource for people who seek the pragmatic application of sophisticated analytic techniques and boutique software solutions to identify and achieve worthwhile strategic goals.  He has a well-documented history of effectively supervising, instructing, and evaluating both small teams and large conglomerations comprising multiple task-oriented sections.

Education and Certificates
  • MS Operations Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School, 2006

  • BS, Quantitative Economics, United States Naval Academy, 2000

Accomplishments & Awards
  • Graduate Level Nonresident Curriculum in Strategy and Policy from the US Naval War College, 2004

  • Expeditionary Warfare School Distance Education Program, Quantico, VA, 2004

  • Logistics Officer Course, Camp Johnson, NC, 2003

  • Ground Supply Officer Course, Camp Johnson, NC, 2001

  • Multiple Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses, including ACQ 101, ACQ 201, PMT 250, SYS 101, CLE 011, TST 101, TST 201, and TST 301

  • Team Leadership 

  • Logistics Management 

  • Military Logistics 

  • Operational Research 

  • Energy Operations

  • Energy Solutions


Shawn Charchan

Technical Director of Energy Solutions
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