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Dr. Hauser was formally educated in optimization (linear and nonlinear), stochastic modeling, dynamic programming, control of production and services systems, and simulation. Her research has included the utilization of machine learning, decision models, stochastic simulations, heuristic optimization techniques, and statistical analysis in the fields of personalized medicine, additive manufacturing and production, logistics supply systems, expeditionary logistics, and financial management. She has technical competency in Matlab, R, Python, Simio, Java, and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Education and Certificates
  • Ph.D. Operations Research, North Carolina State University, 2021

  • M.S. Engineering & Technology Management, Colorado School of Mines, 2016

  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 2015

Accomplishments & Awards

  • MORS

  • Dean’s Doctoral Fellowship, North Carolina State University 2016

  • College of Engineering Graduate Merit Award, North Carolina State University 2016


Margaret Hauser

Senior Operations Research Analyst
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