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With over 25 years of leadership and hands-on involvement in data projects, Ms. Bodine is a distinguished senior database architect/engineer. She has a proven record in guiding legacy application updates to incorporate cutting-edge data technologies. Her extensive experience spans working with the Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), federal organizations, and private industries. Her unique skill set lies in transforming business challenges into data solutions, effectively managing all stages from opportunity recognition and requirement gathering to development, delivery, support, and analysis.

Education and Certificates
  • B.A. Economics, Queens College

Certifications, Licenses & Training

  • AWS Big Data Certificate

  • CompTIA Security+

  • Elasticsearch Developer

Accomplishments & Awards

Award-winning DJ, Vinyl Collector, Data Engineer, Girls/Women's Sports Advocate, Retired Basketball Coach and Scout, Philanthropist, Glammy x 3.


Lisa Bodine

Principal Database Engineer
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