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"Try not. Do or do not. There is not try."
- Yoda

(814) 243-1682


Mr. Beam is an artist with over 30 years of experience in a vast array of media. His career has spanned the many facets of the design community and is made up of everything in the worlds of graphics design and illustration; from concept art, game design, motion graphics, national book and music cover work, fantasy illustration, t-shirt, and web design to traditional business graphics and multimedia design. The bulk of Mr. Beam’s graphics career for the past 20 years has been utilized for military and government project materials and marketing displays to support various corporate and various Department of Defense (DoD) branches with graphics and media design work. As an artist, he supports local arts and stays active in the greater artistic community as a whole to stay up on current design trends and stay sharp on his illustration skills.

Mr. Beam prides himself on being able to make complex easy to understand, beautiful to view, and elegant to use. It is a skill that has helped transform many very complex, and seemingly impossible-to-understand pieces of information into easily viewable and accessible visual narratives that the end user or client can understand and use. This everyday style approach makes for cleaner and more user-friendly designs.

In his off time, Mr. Beam is very active in his local creative arts community, offering his friendly knowledge of illustration and design to the next generation. Being a lifelong martial artist he also teaches the art of Tang Soo Do to students at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown campus and acts as the Martial Arts Club student advisor.

Education and Certificates

1999, Attendee of Macromedia UCON San Francisco, CA. Emphasis in Web Design. 

1999, The New Media Group, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA, Advanced Macromedia Flash Training. 

2002-2003, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College (formerly the Cambria County Area Community College), Johnstown, PA. Continuing education 

Flash Forward 2003, San Francisco, CA. Focused on new technologies being developed with the Macromedia Flash product and how they may benefit current and upcoming projects at CTC. 

Internet World Essentials 2003, San Diego, CA. Completed workshops focusing on standards, user-centric design and usability. 

PhotoShop World 2010, Orlando FL. Conference workshops, and various designer oriented sessions. 

2017, MORS Wargaming Workshop, VA. Introduction to Wargaming sessions.

Accomplishments & Awards
  • 30+ years professional graphic design and illustration experience

  • Published cover artist 

  • Multiple gallery shows

  • Secret level clearance 

  • Civilian Cyber Awareness Training 

  • DOD Information Assurance Awareness 

  • Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) 

  • MCB Quantico OPSEC Training Curriculum 

  • USMC Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Training

  • Illustration

  • Graphic design

  • Presentations

  • Multimedia design and development

  • User Interface design

  • Podcast Production

  • Audio mixing and production

  • Video production

  • Video editing

  • Marketing design

  • Brand development

  • Public speaking

  • Teaching and demonstration

  • Game Theory


Community Art Center of Cambria County Solo Gallery Show February 2018 

Upcoming Community Art Center of Cambria County Solo Gallery Show February 2021 

Cover artist for books 1, 2 and 3 of The Vengeful Prince Saga novels

Cover artist for books 1 and 2 of the Zeus and the Pink Flower novels

Cover artist for digital editions of books 1 and 2 of the Guardians Playlist novels

Guest artist for multiple Make-a-Wish charity drives at past Pittsburgh Comicon's and Extra Life charity events at past Sci-Fi Valley Con pop-culture convention events.



Koa Beam

Lead Graphic Artist
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