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“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.”
- Dr. Seuss

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Ms. Kimberly Mamula is a Senior Operations Research Analyst for CANA Advisors. She is responsible for leading simulation and optimization modeling development for client decision support. Ms. Mamula works with teams to develop the model requirements, translate to the model environment and subsequently builds and tests the models. She too works with teams to deliver results of the models in an understandable way, helping to determine algorithms and data manipulation of model results. Further, 

Ms. Mamula writes technical documents for the models to include technical design documents and user guides. Ms. Mamula has more than 20 years of analytics experience covering a broad range of areas to include actuarial, human resources, business, occupational safety, microbiology, and the Department of Defense. Her mix of experience and varying degrees bring a unique perspective to projects, enabling her to dive in and work on solutions. Ms. Mamula has been supporting USMC clients in the area of Operations Research since 2010, building decision support tools, simulation models, VBA models, optimization models, and providing analytics. She has also worked with scientists during that time in performing analytics for genetic research projects leading to publications in various journals. She has experience with statistical analysis, data analysis, programming in VBA, building simulation and optimization models, and designing and building decision support tools. In her prior positions, she managed projects, worked in the business development arena, performed safety assessments at Air Force bases followed by gap analysis, prepared actuarial valuations and annual reports, and developed procedures and processes for her company’s human resource department. 

Ms. Mamula has been working on a project with USMC Headquarters for several years building an increasingly highly complex simulation and optimization model to model a full squadron Marine Prepositioning Force offload to include strategic aircraft arrivals. She has led the simulation model development from a small prototype to a detailed large scale model that includes more than 200 resource pools, several nodes, more than 3,000 blocks to model to this detail and 22,000 anchor points from those blocks, and imports more than 40 data files. Ms. Mamula recently added an optimization component to this simulation to support decision making on the number and best mix of resources to use for the large scale MPF offload operation.

Education and Certificates

MS, Operations Research, Florida Institute of Technology, 2012 

MBA, St. Francis University, 2009 

BS, Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh, 1999

Accomplishments & Awards
  • 20 years of analytics experience 

  • Developed small scale prototype models and continued to build upon them to large scale complex models

  • Built decision supports tools, simulation models, optimization models, and statistical models, requiring translating client needs/desires into modeling requirements, algorithms and ultimately the modeling environment

  • Translating technical requirements to a model or tool 

  • Building algorithms 

  • Building simulation and optimization models 

  • Programming 

  • Data manipulation, analysis and visualization 

  • Designing and building decision support tools 

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and related tools 

  • Model verification


Ellsworth R, Toro A, Blackburn H, Decewicz A, Deyarmin B, Mamula K, Costantino N, Hooke J, Shriver C, Ellsworth D.  Molecular Heterogeneity in Primary Breast Carcinomas and Axillary Lymph Node Metastases Assessed by Genomic Fingerprinting Analysis.  Cancer Growth and Metastasis  August 2015. 

Blackburn H, McDyer F, Jellema G, Van Laar R, Mamula K, Costantino N, Engler R, Vernalis M, Ellsworth D.  Importance of Substantial Weight Loss for Altering Gene Expression During Cardiovascular Lifestyle Modification.  Obesity  June 2015.

Croft D, Weyandt, J, Sturtz L, Blackburn H, Burke A, Haberkorn J, McDyer F, Van Laar R, Vernalis M, Mamula K, Ellsworth D.  Intensive Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Induces Sustainable Changes in Expression of Genes and Pathways Important to Vascular Function.  Circulation Cardiovascular Genetics  Feb 2014.

Sturtz L, Melley J, Mamula K, Shriver C, Ellsworth R.  Outcome disparities in African American women with triple negative breast cancer: a comparison of epidemiological and molecular factors between African American and Caucasian women with triple negative breast cancer.  BMC Cancer  Feb 2014.

Greenspan R, O’Donnell A, Meyer J, Kane J, Mamula K, Lubert S, Greenawalt A, Vatanian N, Mural R, Shriver C, Somiari S.  Tissue Imprints: Assessing Their Potential for Routine Biobanking Collection.  Biopreservation and Biobanking  Dec 2013.

Voeghtly L, Campbell JL, Shriver C, Ellsworth R.  Molecular Alterations Associated with Breast Cancer Mortality.  PLOS ONE  Oct 2012.

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Kim Mamula

Senior Operations Research Analyst
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