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“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.”

- Charles Kettering

(724) 244-7171


Mr. Sterrett is a Principal Software Developer for CANA Advisors. Mr. Sterrett is responsible for developing technical solutions for clients in the form of web and mobile applications. 

Mr. Sterrett has 14 years of experience as a software developer. He specializes in building rich client applications with data-driven APIs using modern frameworks like Angular, Ionic, and Node.js. Embracing a mobile-first strategy with focusing on responsive design, he develops user-friendly apps with intuitive interfaces. He employs a test driven development (TDD) strategy resulting in apps that are stable and secure. 

Mr. Sterrett has developed many commercial and government applications. Mr. Sterrett developed an application for the US Marines Headquarters used for cost estimation and budget planning. He developed a mobile application for the Colorado Mountain Club that is used for monitoring and assessing conditions of trails and campsites, allowing them to assess the impact of recreational activities to the environment and track issues derived from those activities. Mr. Sterrett developed a web application for the America’s Warrior Partnership used to process survey results and generate meaningful charts and reports. He developed a web application for processing and analyzing EHR patient records. 

Throughout his career as a software developer, Mr. Sterrett has developed many web and mobile applications acquiring a breadth and depth of skills in many programming languages, frameworks, and methodologies. He has extensive experience using essential cloud-based technologies such as Amazon Web Services including EC2, ECS, RDS, and many others. He uses solid front-end frameworks like Angular to create immersive user experiences and modern back-end frameworks like Node.js to create solutions that are fast and scalable.

Education and Certificates

MS, Engineering Management, Robert Morris University, 2012 

BS, Computer Science, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2004

Accomplishments & Awards
  • 14 years of software development experience Developed application for US Marines Headquarters for budgeting and cost estimation

  • Developed mobile app for Colorado Mountain Club for monitoring and assessing conditions of trails and campsites

  • Developed web application for America’s Warriors Partnership used for processing surveys and generating reports

  • Developed many other web and mobile apps

  • Web Development 

  • Mobile Development 

  • Node.js 

  • Angular 

  • Ionic 

  • Javascript

  • Typescript 

  • SQL 

  • Amazon Web Services 

  • Appian 

  • ASP.NET 

  • C#.NET


Dan Sterrett

Principal Software Developer
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