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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”
- Maya Angelou

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A principal operations research analyst with over 12 years of experience in scoping, performing, and implementing analytic solutions. Published author on artificial intelligence and machine learning in peer-reviewed scientific journals and national security platforms. Advanced analytics team builder and leader. Master’s degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. Former Naval Postgraduate School Military Assistant Professor and Operations Research Program Officer. Former naval officer and graduate of the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School (Topgun) with numerous operational deployments during 20 years of service. Previously with the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Assessment Division (OPNAV N81) in Washington D.C.

Education and Certificates

CANA Advisors - Analytics & Logistics Operations experts

Principal Operations Research Analyst 

June 2020 - Present 

CANA Advisors offers our clients solutions with the lowest risk and highest level of understanding possible. We are a nimble, responsive team of highly skilled personnel with the intellectual capital and practical program management experience building and implementing sophisticated commercial and government programs, backed by knowledgeable and experienced operations strategy and management and information technology professionals. 

Chair, National Security Applications 

December 2015 - Present (4 years 8 months) “ is “a non-profit organization that aims at improving communication of uncertainty,” and applies “simulation-based communication to improve actual managerial decisions and public policies.” - MIT’s SLOAN 

Management Review 

US Navy 

Principal Operations Research Analyst and Section Head 

June 2017 - May 2020 (3 years) 

Pentagon, Arlington VA 

Leads quantitative analytical studies informing multi-billion dollar decisions as principal operations research analyst at the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Projects feature data analysis; multi-objective decision analysis; quantitative risk analysis; simulation; and linear and non-linear optimization. 

Naval Postgraduate School 

Program Officer and Military Assistant Professor, Operations Research Department 

April 2014 - May 2017 (3 years 2 months) 

Monterey, Ca 

The Naval Postgraduate School's Operations Research Department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees and is one of the oldest, largest, and most highly respected OR departments in the U.S. It is without peer in terms of the extent to which graduate education is integrated with a commitment to solving real military problems. Students and faculty use the latest mathematical modeling ideas and computing technology to penetrate deeply into the analysis of important real-world problems. Analysis is a key word; NPS operations researchers frequently influence decisions and serve as agents for change. 

US Navy 

E-2C Hawkeye Naval Flight Officer 

2000 - 2014 (14 years) 

The linchpin of naval aviation operations, the E-2C Hawkeye provides command and control to aircraft carrier strike groups. Manufactured by Northrop-Grumman, the Hawkeye is flown by eleven fleet squadrons stationed in Norfolk, Va, Pt. Mugu, Ca, and Atsugi, Japan. The carrier-based Hawkeye detects ships and aircraft over 300 miles away. With "over-the-horizon" sensor capability, a robust communications suite, and highly trained aircrew, the Hawkeye is a potent airborne force-multiplier for carrier air wing mission, from strike and air-intercept-control to close-air-support for ground forces, as well as search and rescue. Since entering combat in the Vietnam War, the Hawkeye has proven itself as the premier airborne command and control platform of the United States Armed Forces. 


Naval Postgraduate School, Master of Science (MS), Operations Research · (2008 - 2010) 

Naval War College, Master of Arts (MA), National Security and Strategic Studies · (2011 - 2011) 

Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center TOPGUN Graduate · (2004 - 2004) 

United States Naval Academy Bachelor of Science (BS), Mechanical Engineering · (1996 - 2000)

Accomplishments & Awards
  • John K. Walker, Jr. Award Winner honor date Jun 2020 honor issuer Military Operations Research Society

  • Candidates are considered annually for the Walker Award to recognize the author(s) of the technical article judged to be the best published in PHALANX, The Magazine of Military Operations Research, during the previous calendar year. The Walker Award is an annual award.

  • Stephen A. Tisdale Graduate Research Prize Winner honor date Sep 2010 honor issuer Military Operations Research Society 

  • The Military Operations Research Society Stephen A. Tisdale Prize primary criterion is research that leads to demonstration of, or potential for, increased operating effectiveness of currently available or near term assets (as opposed to refinement of quantitative techniques or future system requirement definition and acquisition support). Research in areas other than those applied to current or near term forces may be considered for the award if the results are clearly of far-ranging impact on the mission(s) of the service(s) concerned.

  • Python 

  • Pyomo 

  • R studio

  • SQL 

  • VBA 

  • Team leader 

  • Security Clearance


AI At War How Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Are Changing Naval Warfare

publication date 2020  publication description Naval Institute Press, Annapolis Maryland (publication pending)

Chapter 8. Practical Applications of Naval AI: An Overview of Artificial Intelligence in Navy Warfare

Measuring Military Readiness

publication dateDec 5, 2019  publication descriptionOR/MS Today, Volume 46, Number 6.

Calculating Carrier Air Wing Readiness: An Additive Approach

publication date Dec 2019  publication descriptionPhalanx - The Magazine of National Security Analysis, Volume 52, No.4.

Operational Readiness Rollup

publication dateSep 2019  publication descriptionPhalanx - The Magazine of National Security Analysis, Volume 52, No.3.

The Devil You Know: Trust in Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence

publication date Sep 2019  publication descriptionWar on the Rocks

Who is the Admiral Rickover of Naval Artificial Intelligence

publication date Sep 18, 2018  publication description War on the Rocks

The Shell Game: Fueling a Future War in the Pacific

publication date Jul 20, 2018  publication description War on the Rocks

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence in Naval Warfare

publication date Jun 12, 2018  publication description War on the Rocks

Daily aircraft routing for amphibious ready groups

publication date Dec 22, 2017  publication description Annals of Operations Research, 264, pages 477–498.

A model for geographically distributed combat interactions of swarming naval and air forces

publication date Jan 6, 2017  publication description Naval Research Logistics, Volume 63, Issue 7, Pages 562-576.

Strike package-target pairing real-time optimization for Airborne Battlespace Command and Control


Connor McLemore

Principal Operations Research Analyst
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