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Mr. Cichy is a results-driven professional with 23 years of active-duty experience supporting the Marine Corps with additional service with the Army, Navy, and Air Force. He has detailed knowledge and experience in combat/capabilities development related to requirements management, acquisition planning, and programming & budgeting activities. Mr. Cichy is a proven team player who can solve complex problems, build teams, integrate solutions, and deliver results. A retired U.S. Marine Corps Artilleryman/Joint Terminal Attack Controller that has held small unit leadership positions up to planning, operations, and executive staff-level positions. He is adept at program management, capabilities-based assessment, doctrine and concept development, and communicating technical information to senior leadership and stakeholders.

Education and Certificates
  • B.S. Molecular Biology, California State University at San Marcos, 2007

  • Expeditionary Warfare School

  • Joint Targeting Course, Fires Center of Excellence, OK

Accomplishments & Awards
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)

  • Joint Fires Observer-Evaluator (JFO-E)

  • Aviation Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI)

  • Collateral Damage Estimation Analyst (CDE)

  • Target Coordinate Mensuration Only (TMO)

  • Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual Weaponeering System (JWS) Operator.

  • Collateral Damage Estimation Analyst

  • Army Instructor Evaluator

  • Supporting Arms Coordinator Course

Relevant Organizational Memberships and Significant Awards/Recognitions

  • Member of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

  • Member of the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara

  • Member of the Marine Corps Officers Association

  • Past Non-Traditional Research Fellow at Marine Corps University

  • “Fires and Strategic Landpower: Achieving Mass with Less”, Joint Fires Journal, July-August 2014 edition.

  • Mobile All-Domain Observation and Sensing System Concept of Employment, (April 2019) and Capabilities Development Document (August 2019)

  • Contributing Author: Tentative Manual for Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations; Joint Fire Support (JP and ALSA), MCWP 3-16, MCWP 3-16.6


Chris Cichy

Director of Innovation & Strategy
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