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Welcome Our Newest Team Members, Greg and Nicholas!

We're growing here at CANA and we are excited to announce our newest members, Greg Lewis, Principal Logistics Analyst, and Nicholas Pakosky, Senior BI Analyst!

"Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum."

Greg Lewis

Principal Logistics Analyst

Greg joins our team with 20 years of experience as a Marine Corps logistician and international affairs officer (with 70+ countries visited on behalf of Uncle Sam). His career as a "loggie" began in Hawaii, where he serendipitously also first met fellow CANAites, Rob Cranston and Cherish Joostberns. Serving in various USMC air, ground, and logistics units, he gained invaluable operational experience. Greg also has significant joint experience as an evaluator with the DoD Inspector General's Office, a country desk officer at U.S. Africa Command, and an "Angry Camel" at CENTCOM's Deployment and Distribution Operations Center. Greg is also a plank holder at the Marine Corps' Logistics Operations Group.

Following his retirement, Greg served as an operational logistics instructor/planner at the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command's Warfighting Development Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Greg has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Norwich University, in Northfield, Vermont. He holds a Master's Degree in National Security Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

You can contact Greg at or on Linkedin.

Nicholas Pakosky

Senior BI Analyst

Nick comes to CANA Advisors from the manufacturing/supply chain world after doing ERP consulting for 5 years. After recently completing his master's degree in data analytics at Penn State, Nick was looking to make a pivot into the data science/analytics industry. His focus at CANA will be to unify the visualization components across all projects so that the models being built are clear, concise, and useful for customers.

You can contact Nicholas at or on Linkedin.

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