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Welcome Our Newest Team Member, Chris Cichy!

Team CANA would like to welcome Chris Cichy, our new Principal Artificial Intelligence Analyst!

“If everything goes right, we get a good experience. If everything goes wrong, we get a good story.” Simon Sinek

Chris Cichy

Principal Artificial Intelligence Analyst

Chris has a diverse background with over 23 years of military experience in the Army and Marine Corps, as well as training, education, and deployment with the Navy and Air Force. Chris served as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller, Fire Support Officer, Air Officer, Battery Commander, and held both Future and Current Operations Officer billets for a Marine Expeditionary Unit. He culminated his career at Marine Corps Combat Development and Integration where he served as a service lead for the implementation of the National Defense Strategy, Irregular Warfare plan. Chris was hand-selected by senior leadership to participate in Marine Corps Force Design planning and lead an Artificial Intelligence, Capabilities Based Assessment of the service. Throughout his career, he has written numerous service and Joint publications, professional journal articles, concepts, and capabilities development documents.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from California State University at San Marcos. You can reach Chris at or Linkedin.


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