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Welcome Our New Business Analyst, Jack Murray!

Team CANA would like to proudly welcome our newest business analyst, Jack Murray! From intern to full-time, Jack tells us about his journey with CANA and what he is looking forward to in his new role.

After two amazing years at CANA, I am excited to say that I have transitioned from being an intern to now being a full-time Business Analyst with CANA. Switching over to this full-time position is a new challenge that I look forward to. As a Business Analyst I will be supporting, and contributing to, CANA proposed technical and/or business solutions. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting research, performing analyses, and developing reports to support business strategy and to capture value in specific CANA industries and markets. I will also conduct opportunity assessments on CANA's strategic business-to-business (B2B) partnerships and work with the Business Development team to identify program highlights and key performance milestones for marketing and sales objectives. Additionally, I will continue my efforts on getting CANA immersed in the esports industry.

I will be working closely with multiple agile teams here at CANA, but I will also be expected to work independently. This mix of independent and team-based work will allow me to enhance both my independent and cooperative professional skills. During my time as an intern with CANA, I had been working heavily on our esports front. As a company with analytics expertise, we believe that with the completely virtual environment esports offers, we can be of immense support and help to the industry. Much of my work as an intern, on the esports front, aligns with the work I will be doing as a Business Analyst. I have been heavily involved in conducting research on the esports industry, analyzing where we best fit and developing reports on business strategies that will help us best utilize our capabilities applied to esports. During this time, we have hosted an esports tournament of our own, made relationships with key esports industry leaders, built out a beta esports service platform, and partnered with Warrior GMR, an esports company that hosts esports tournaments for the branches of our military and utilizes esports as a means to help with mental health.

I am confident that my work, and overall development, as an intern with CANA will not only help us make more progress in the esports industry, but it will also help me apply my capabilities to other areas of CANA, as I now join as a full-time Business Analyst. I am grateful for this opportunity and very excited to begin my new journey here at CANA!


You can contact Jack at or on Linkedin.

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