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Welcome Newest CANA Member, Kolleen Young!

"If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you".

We are excited to bring aboard our newest Senior Logistics Analyst, Kolleen Young. Kolleen is a highly regarded military leader with more than 23 years of proven success in logistics management, global transportation, strategic deployment, and distributed sustainment support. Kolleen has experience and expertise spanning all facets of logistics, to include exercise planning, MPF operations, and the deployment and employment of ground combat, aviation, supporting arms, and combat service support units. Kolleen holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Chapman University and an MBA from Brandman University.

You can contact Kolleen at

Welcome Aboard!


CANA Advisors is a veteran-owned, woman-owned, equal opportunity company based out of Gainesville, Virginia in the United States of America.

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