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Veterans Day 2021: A Daughter of a Veterans Perspective

You have probably been asked the question, “who is your superhero?”, at least once in your lifetime. Well, for a daughter of a 30 year Veteran, there is no question my dad is my superhero. Not just because he is a great dad, but because I have seen up close and personal the sacrifices he and millions of others have made for our country. I like to say Veterans are superheroes, it's a special kind of fearlessness.

Today, there are 19 million living veterans in the United States, according to Those veterans are people you interact with on a daily basis, and you might not even know it. I’d like to share with you a great list from of ways you can honor these veterans today and every day:

  1. Visit a Veterans Hospital. There are VA hospitals all over the country full of Veterans who could use some special care, appreciation, and perhaps just some simple words to cheer them up. A few hours of time and attention can really go a long way.

  2. Support Veteran-owned businesses. This is an action Americans can take every day of the year, and Veterans Day is the perfect time to go out of our way to do so. Visit the American Veteran Owned Business Association’s Business Directory for a list of Veteran owned companies by category or location.

  3. Offer Veterans Day deals. If you happen to oversee business operations, consider offering a discount to Veterans on November 11th, or any other day of the year. Here is a list of several companies’ current Veterans Day deals and offerings for inspiration.

  4. Share this or any other Veterans Day post on social media using #VeteransDay or #VeteransDay2021.

  5. Check with 65+ year old veterans to find out if they’re aware of a little known VA benefit called “Aid and Attendance.” The benefit can be used for assistance bathing, dressing, light housekeeping, transportation, and more. Learn more at

Whether you served one year or 30 plus years, you are a superhero to someone, and I thank you for your bravery and for the sacrifices you have made for this country.

To learn more about how CANA Advisors is involved with our veterans go to


CANA Advisors A Veteran-Owned and Woman-Owned Company.

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