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The Power Behind the Powered by CANA Analytics: Inside the CANA Analytics Roundtable (CAR)

In the fast-paced world of data analytics, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. New techniques, tools, and insights emerge constantly, and it can be challenging for individual analysts and teams to keep up. This is where the CANA Analytics Roundtable (CAR) has proven invaluable.

What is the CAR?

The CAR is a monthly, every second Tuesday, one-hour event held at CANA. It features a standard schedule:

  • Three 10-minute presentations: Team members share insights, techniques, and project experiences.

  • One 20-minute in-depth presentation: A deeper dive into a complex topic.

  • Final 10 minutes: Discussion of upcoming analytics conferences and relevant events.

Since its inception in July 2016, the CAR has held a remarkable 83 sessions and over 300 topics have been presented by over 20 team members as of April 2024.

Benefits of a Knowledge-Sharing Initiative Like the CAR

The CAR offers several key benefits that can be replicated in other organizations:

  • Continuous Learning: The CAR helps analysts stay updated on the latest analytical techniques, tools, and industry trends.

  • Cross-Team Collaboration: Project learnings are shared across teams, reducing knowledge silos and promoting collaboration.

  • Practice for Conferences: Presentations offer a low-stakes environment to practice for industry conferences, building presentation skills.

  • Knowledge Dissemination: Conference attendees summarize learnings for those unable to attend, maximizing the benefits of professional events.

  • Community Building: The CAR fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among analytics professionals.

How Other Organizations Can Benefit

Organizations of all sizes can reap significant rewards by establishing similar knowledge-sharing initiatives modeled after the CAR. Adopting this approach encourages ongoing development, supports collaboration, and strengthens the overall analytics function.

Tips for Starting Your Own Roundtable

  1. Secure Leadership Buy-In: Obtain support from decision-makers to ensure dedicated time and resources.

  2. Set a Regular Cadence: Choose a consistent time and day each month to build routine and participation.

  3. Foster a Safe Space: Encourage open sharing and create an environment where all ideas are welcomed.

  4. Rotate Presenters: Give team members opportunities to lead discussions and share their expertise.

  5. Document Insights: Maintain a shared repository to store presentations and notes for later reference.

The Bottom Line

The CAR's success and longevity demonstrate the power of continuous learning and knowledge sharing within analytics teams. It serves as a blueprint for fostering a culture where analysts collaborate to enhance their skills and drive innovation. By maximizing this shared knowledge, the CAR ensures that CANA stays at the forefront of the analytics field and delivers superior solutions to its clients.


Walt DeGrange

Walt DeGrange is the Senior Director of Analytics here at CANA. You can contact him via email at or on Linkedin.

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