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The Future Of AI

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

In recent years there has been a huge AI boom. New technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Github’s Copilot have excited the public and paved the way for rapid innovation. As a result, we are seeing many new AI technologies across fields: AI based anti-virus software, medical databases with integrated AI tools, and AI virtual assistants for programmers.

AI technology will soon become a necessity for companies wishing to keep their data secure. In the near future, criminals will use AI to create more effective malware, more believable phishing attacks, and to convincingly impersonate users. The best way to counter these attacks may be to fight fire with fire. AI security systems could be used to detect attacks as they are happening, identify suspicious emails written, or monitor users for suspicious or risky activity. For example, researchers from the Commonwealth Cyber Initiatives at Virginia Tech and Deloitte are currently developing an AI system that can detect interference and jamming attacks on 5G networks as they are happening, and take automatic actions to prevent the system from going down. Through the use of AI, this system could stop attacks in a fraction of the time it would take a non AI system or manual reviewer.

Healthcare will see a large amount of AI integration in the coming years. With AI technology healthcare providers will be able to improve their data gathering and analysis capabilities. One important use of AI is to improve the way we capture and reconstruct images, which can be extremely valuable for diagnosing and treating patients. In addition, AI can be given access to electronic health records and genomic data, allowing doctors to easily find relevant records to a specific case, and allowing researchers to find previously undetected connections between the health records and genomic data. On a more global scale, AI could be used to monitor the spread of diseases, allowing international health organizations to spot potential pandemics before they spread.

Of course, the AI technologies that will most affect CANA will be those that assist with software development. Already many new technologies have been developed for software developers, most notably, Github’s Copilot and soon Copilot X. Copilot assists programmers by giving code suggestions and generating code from natural language prompts. In the near future, Copilot X will offer additional features such as locating bugs and generating tests for selected sections of code, writing descriptive descriptions for pull requests, and an early adoption of OpenAI’s GPT -4. Another up-and-coming AI tool for developers is Warp, an AI assistant for your terminal. Similar to Copilot, Warp can provide command suggestions, explain errors, or write scripts.

No matter what field you are in, AI will soon become a necessary part of your business and everyday life. Whether you need to protect company secrets, improve your health, or develop the next big technology, AI will be there. We must keep up to date with the latest developments because AI is the future.

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Tristan Rentsch is a Software Developer at CANA LLC. For more information or to reach out to Tristan email him at

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