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The CANA Foundation Partners with girl Scout Troop 46709 in support of their Silver Project

Updated: Nov 28

CANA Foundation contributed a monetary donation to Girl Scout Troop 46709 in support of their Silver Take Action Project. The Girl Scout Silver Award is a Take Action Project that addresses an issue and makes a long-term impact in the community. The Girl Scouts state that Silver Take Action Project is, "a project that addresses an issue by tackling the factors that cause or contribute to it. As you may expect, these projects have a far-reaching influence. They’re designed to change something for the better—forever. Projects associated with Journeys and the highest awards (the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award) are Take Action projects." The Silver Project selected by the Troop was to build, paint, and erect thirty bluebird boxes in the Somerset County community.

Bluebirds and other species often use nest boxes for roosting in cold weather. Female

bluebirds build tight cup nests within the boxes. Thin bark strips, pine needles, and dry grasses are typical nesting materials. Each year the Troop will clean out the boxes for the new mothers. Over time the maintenance of the boxes will be passed to another Troop.

This project was made possible by CANA Foundation, Somerset County Conservancy, and the PA State Game Commission.

To learn more about the CANA Foundation, visit

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Kristin Fairman

Kristin is a Senior Contracts Manager here at CANA. You can reach her via email at or on Linkedin.

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