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The CANA Bunch: Virtual Business as Usual

CANA's Program and Project Management (PPM) team recently conducted a successful virtual offsite event in November. Together, the PPM team members built a vision framework to support the development of strategies and tactics to achieve their mission for the upcoming 2021 year.

CANA’s PPM team worked over two days to complete their activities on MURAL. MURAL is a virtual collaboration whiteboard that CANA uses both internally and for client activities. It’s particularly helpful since our team is widely dispersed throughout the U.S. and Canada. MURAL’s boards allow us to add a variety of resources onto the board including pdfs, website links, photos, videos, text, and sticky notes. For more MURAL projects at CANA, you can see our blog here.

The PPM team Director, Connie McKissack, led the group in a series of team-building activities that would eventually result in vision framework products. Beginning with the MURAL board below, she used brainstorming techniques to spark creativity within the team and create a flow of ideas to identify team values and behaviors. Each team member independently shared a set of images that were used to shape the team’s purpose and mission. From this foundation, the PPM team developed distinct strategies for the upcoming year.

Mural Board Demonstration

CANA's team-building, in-person, offsite events are key components in the company's culture. As a virtual company, CANA makes offsite events a priority to bring the employees together face-to-face for team building, strategizing, and of course FUN! Although 2020 introduced some significant challenges, it enabled our PPM "CANA Bunch" to creatively adapt and overcome. We proved the year’s virtual offsite events could be just as productive and enjoyable as ever before!



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