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The Benefits Of Working From Home: From a HR Analyst's Point of View

I've always envied those who have the opportunity to work from home. I sought a job that aligned with my lifestyle and needs. At the time, I recognized the importance of being grateful for having a job, yet balancing full-time work with the responsibilities of being a single mom was increasingly stressful. The lack of flexibility made it challenging to attend to my children's needs and medical appointments and pursue my education. It became evident that I needed a change, prompting my search for a job that offered flexibility.

Landing a remote position at CANA was a blessing. The relief was immediate as the morning rush and weekday stress melted away. Having the flexibility to be there for my kids and pursue my education while working has been invaluable. The positive impact on my family life and well-being has been profound. Since joining CANA, I've experienced reduced stress from commuting and have been able to focus on completing my degree. The supportive environment has inspired me to excel in my field and fostered meaningful connections with colleagues despite being remote.

The recent offsite meeting reinforced the sense of camaraderie, making it feel like I've known my coworkers for years. Working remotely has not only improved my productivity but also led to healthier eating habits, eliminating the need for rushed breakfasts and frequent dining out. CANA's inclusive platforms have facilitated team bonding and made me feel like part of a close-knit community. While the benefits of remote work are numerous, I'll spare you the novel-length list and simply say: it's been life-changing.


Megan Randolph is our Human Resource Analyst here are CANA. If you would like to get in touch with Megan, you can do so at or on Linkedin.

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