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The 89th Mors Symposium Recap

As a Principal Operations Research Analyst with CANA Advisors, I am always excited at the opportunities to participate in professional organizations. One such professional organization is the Military Operations Research Society (MORS), which hosts an annual symposium. This year’s symposium like last year’s was virtual, and just like last year’s, it was robust and engaging notwithstanding its remote execution.

I was very pleased to provide two presentations at this year’s 89th MORS Symposium. The first was a summary of the non-profit work on military readiness I continue to do with Since last year’s symposium, we’ve had our work published in the MOR Journal, a peer-reviewed journal of high academic quality, which describes a more technical continuation of the policy-focused work that won me and my PHALANX Magazine article co-authors—Dr. Sam Savage and Shaun Doheney—last year’s MORS Walker Award. We presented on the recommendations our response article published by the Center for International Maritime Security to an article in War on the Rocks by General Charles Brown, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and General David Berger, the Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, calling for a better analytical framework for the joint force to better assess balancing operational costs of existing forces with investment costs to modernize and replace those forces.

Additionally, I presented the status of CANA’s work on the Distribution Network Model (DNM), which is designed to determine the most responsive and lowest cost afloat and ashore tailoring a plan for inventory and transportation enablers and inform investment decisions to allow selection of the most effective affordable platforms to support Marine Corps future operating concepts. The model will allow the Marine Corps to explore new logistics operating concepts to include supplying many mobile austere bases distributed over thousands of miles. I was pleased to be joined by Mr. Ric Story, HQMC, LPO-2, who gave his organization’s perspective on the value of DNM.

I always look forward to and enjoy the sharing of knowledge that takes place at the MORS Symposium, and I look forward to attending next year's 90th MORS Symposium!

To learn more about the Military Operations Research Society, check out this link -


Connor McLemore is one of our Principal Operations Research Analysts here at CANA. If you would like to contact Connor, you can reach him at

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