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Meet Ernestine “Ernie” Shepherd

Almost two months into 2022 and many of us probably still haven’t begun to tackle those New Year resolutions or maybe you began but have already given up. Motivation to get started on healthier habits can be hard to find and the commitment to stick with them is often just as challenging.

So, how do we get on track? Why don’t we talk a little about this beautiful woman!

You’re looking at Ernestine Shepherd. She is one of the world’s oldest female bodybuilders. Between the ages of 56 and 85 years old, Ernestine won two bodybuilding titles, ran nine marathons, worked as a personal trainer, professionally modeled, and instructed fitness classes for seniors. She attributes discipline, determination, and hard work as her secrets to success.

Next time you need a little inspiration to get moving, think of Ernestine and remember it’s never too late to begin, always focus on progress, not perfection, and never ever give up!

Learn more about Ernestine's achievements here:


Stephanie is a Senior Project Manager here at CANA. You can contact Stephanie at

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