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Exciting Advancement for NavalX SoCal Tech Bridge!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

14 October 2021

NavalX SoCal Tech Bridge and CANA Advisors is pleased to congratulate BEAM Global of San Diego on their recent sale of 21 EV ARC electric charging stations to the United States Marine Corps. The EV ARC is, per Beam, “…an American made, rapidly deployable, transportable, off-grid and solar-powered EV charging system that supports the accelerating integration of electric vehicles into the Marine Corps’ non-tactical vehicles (NTV) fleet.” These charging stations will be distributed across 14 military installations within the continental United States and Hawaii. This was no coincidental acquisition, but the result of efforts by Marine Corps Installation Command (MCICOM), SoCal Tech Bridge, CANA Advisors, and many commercial, federal, and local stakeholders committed to finding dynamic approaches to introduce emerging technology.

SoCal Tech Bridge, the regional arm of the U.S. Navy’s NavalX program, has been operating for several years to promote and validate a non-traditional partnership of ‘Industry, Installations, and Research’. CANA Advisors has worked closely with them to advance their innovation mission with technology and market research; modeling, simulation, and analysis support; event planning and marketing; and stakeholder engagement. MCAS Miramar, San Diego, California, has been the test bed for much of the work. Successes there include the development and establishment of an Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Proving Grounds, a 5G Living Lab for 5G technology innovation, and an Electric Mobility Living Lab to support knowledge transfer, testing, and refinement of electric mobility employment concepts. The research, analysis, and planning and execution of these ideas, and more, have been supported by numerous public-facing, learning and collaborative events.

Most recently in June of 2021, SoCal Tech Bridge and CANA Advisors held an in-person, two-day, demonstration and symposium event to highlight electric and unmanned logistics and electric mobility. The intent was to promote the synergy of vision and resources resident within military, private industry, equity investment, technology, and local governmental organizations. One of the Electric and Unmanned Logistics Day and Electric Mobility Symposium highlights was BEAM Global and its demonstration of the EV ARC charging system. Soon thereafter, the Marine Corps purchased 21 of the units for nation-wide distribution.

The ability to directly connect the Marine Corps’ electric vehicle charging needs with commercial industry solutions - BEAM Global and its turnkey, adaptable, charging station - is proof positive the SoCal Tech Bridge innovative operating model works. SoCal Tech Bridge is an integral part of an approach that make things happen. CANA Advisors is proud to be a part of that team, and to collaborate with the people and organizations committed to innovative energy and mobility transformation within the military, local, and global communities. Congratulations, again, to BEAM Global on a job well done.


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