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Cleaning Up with The CANA Foundation On Earth Day 2020

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

CANA Foundation helps clean up on Earth Day 2020

CANA Foundation Supports Earth Day Highway Clean Up

By Liz Cranston

During this COVID-19 quarantine, the days seem endless, running one into the other.  At times I find myself surprised at what day it is - when a friend mentions it's Friday and time for our virtual happy hour, I find myself rubbing my eyes, lifting my head from my computer monitor, and then standing up slowly from my desk - similar to walking out of Plato's Cave. 

Earth Day clean up volunteers

This happened last week - it was Earth Week, and on Wednesday - which was Earth Day - a friend reached out to me and asked if I'd like to support a local highway clean up in celebration of Earth Day.  Earth Day??!!  I had no idea.  Well, there is nothing like some positive peer pressure and a flexible work schedule - I said, "heck yeah!"  

Liz on Earth Day clean up duty

Within an hour, five sets of families met up at our local grocery store where we passed around bright orange garbage bags, compared each other's attempt at wearing bright clothing, and stood six feet or more away from each other. For the next 3 1/2 hours, our five small "crews" picked up trash along both sides of of our local highway, approximately 1.5 miles in Haymarket, Virginia.  

part of the days trash collection

Luckily it was a cool, sunny, only slightly breezy spring day, and it was fabulous.  Maintaining our physical distance but certainly engaging socially, it was rewarding to help our community, to walk without restrictions outside, and most importantly, to connect with friends.

A thank you to the CANA Foundation for supporting this time well spent supporting my local community and celebrating Earth Day!


Remember make Earth Day everyday.

"The earth is what we all have in common."

~ Wendell Berry


Elizabeth Cranston, Esq.

Elizabeth Cranston is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of CANA Advisors.  As CEO/CFO, Liz expertly manages a diverse team of professionals and oversees multiple programs spanning CANA’s various product lines. You can contact Liz through email at

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