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CANA is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Headquarters Marine Corps Installations & Logistics (I&L), Logistics Plans, Policies, and Strategic Mobility (LP) Professional Services IDIQ-MAC. The IDIQ-MAC will provide professional support services over a five-year ordering period with a shared maximum value of over $94 million. As one of five prime awardees, CANA will compete for individual task orders over the course of the five-year period of performance, with work expected to be completed in March of 2025.

CANA looks forward to tackling the toughest logistics, maintenance, distribution, and supply challenges facing the Marine Corps and to delivering its best-value approach supporting the U.S. Marine Corps logistics enterprise into the coming decade and beyond. CANA is proud to partner with industry experts, and as stated best by Rob Cranston, CANA’s Founder and President,

"The CANA Team that includes CGI, Alion, UNCOMN and Deloitte, is honored to have

been selected for LP’s small business IDIQ. Our Team is ready to support

I&L’s objectives in logistics plans, policies, and concepts. Our Team of USMC SME’s, technology, innovation, and analytics experts brings extensive experience delivering the latest ‘open and smart solutions’ to overcome the increasingly complex challenges facing the U.S. Marine Corps.”

For more information on this contract, please visit:

For more information on the CANA Team, please contact Mr. Rob Cranston, CANA’s President at or Ms. Connie McKissack, CANA’s LP IDIQ PM at


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