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CANA Supports The Warrior GMR Foundation Armed Forces Esports Championship With Gameplay Analytics

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

What an AMAZING event the Warrior GMR Foundation Armed Forces Esports Championship was! This event was a two-day esports tournament featuring the game Rocket League and five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces - the Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, Space Force, and Navy! The U.S. Air Force ultimately dominated the tournament, going undefeated on their journey to winning the championship!

This event also hosted a bracket for the Gold Star Gamers, a wonderful esports organization “helping military kids that lost a parent find hope and healing through competitive gaming”. The four Gold Star Gamers branches of the Armed Forces that competed in this bracket were the GSG Army, GSG Marines, GSG Air Force, and the GSG Navy.

CANA was honored to be a part of this event, as Nick Pakosky, Jack Murray, and Koa Beam provided gameplay analytics support for the tournament. Below are just a FEW examples of the support CANA provided - the "MVP" leaderboard and "Top Scorers’" leaderboard, for both the adult AF bracket and GSG bracket. The team members of the Air Force find themselves at the top of both leaderboards, due to their outstanding performances; while the members of the GSG Army and GSG Marines are highly represented on the GSG leaderboards. We will be releasing a blog post soon that goes into depth about the other statistics and analytics we created from this event and how each was calculated. So stay tuned for more unique Rocket League analytics from the Warrior GMR Foundation Armed Forces Esports Championship!

Again, huge thanks to Warrior GMR for putting this event together! It is amazing to see how esports is being utilized to create these outstanding communities and act as a method to support mental health among our nation's Armed Forces.


Jack Murray is our Business Analyst here at CANA. You can contact Jack at or on Linkedin.

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