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CANA Foundation: Giving Back and Other Happenings

CANA Foundation giving back in 2020

The CANA Foundation was established with the purpose of “giving back to our communities.” While giving back looks a little different this year, the pandemic has certainly not diminished the generosity and giving spirit of the CANA family. In fact, the number of initiatives proposed and accomplished through the Foundation has more than doubled over this time last year! From helping a homeless services planning organization build their capacity through better data visualization, to developing and offering a free virtual analytical methods course for veterans, CANAers have continued to give of their time and professional skills to help others.


One of the alternatives to in-person charity was to make financial donations to organizations in the actual communities where our CANA employees live. The far-ranging economic impacts of COVID have made the ability to put food on the table a real struggle for many of our neighbors, friends, and even family. The CANA Foundation chose food banks in each of the regions where our employees live, from California to Maine, and gave a cash donation to those select food banks who are providing real hunger relief in our communities. It is hoped that our contribution will bring some relief and help the greater effort to ensure no one goes hungry during this difficult time.

Another tradition for CANA Foundation during the holiday season is our annual Give Back Campaign - now in its fourth year. This program offers each CANA employee a certain number of hours of paid time off to volunteer and “give back” in their local community. The CANA leadership wanted to encourage giving back and make it easier for employees to seek out ways they can make a local difference. This has been a favorite way for CANAers to engage with, and show their support to, those in need right where they live. One CANA employee has participated in each year of the Give Back Campaign and partners with her local Rotary and their program called “Wishes of Christmas.” This program grants nominated individuals “a wish” to fulfill a specific, personal need. We’re so thankful for our employee’s generous spirit and that CANA can support her.

As we close out what has been a difficult and challenging year in many respects, we at the CANA Foundation want to wish you and your families a blessed holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the new year!


Kenny McRostie

Kenny McRostie

Kenny McRostie is a Senior Operations Manager and the Manager of the CANA Foundation at CANA Advisors. If you would like to read more on the CANA Foundation and past efforts you can connect with us at CANA Foundation - Giving Back ( Or reach out to Kenny at


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