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CANA Closes Out 2023


Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit.

                       -  Henry David Thoreau


It is such a busy but exciting season! I know we all look forward to some well-earned holiday time when we can recharge, enjoy the weather changes, and prepare for the new year. And, of course, as much as we love a productive work meeting, it’s just as nice (or nicer!) to meet for coffee with friends or spend time outside. 


This year, the CANA team has been working hard to maximize our software and services and to advance in several key markets. Powered by CANA Analytics® remains our touchstone, and it is what makes our solutions truly unique and useful. WS2, our warehousing solution, has really come into its own this year, and we are bringing our industry expert-driven assessments and cloud-based operations and analytical tools to new commercial clients. We’re excited about the achievements we have had with government clients and each new business opportunity allows us to build even better thoroughly customized solutions. 

The military has been at the heart of CANA from the very beginning. Not only does our team represent many decades of service, but we have consistently looked for opportunities where we can make a difference. We have long provided high-fidelity logistics planning analytics to support Marine Corps operational concepts and we’re continuing to adapt those capabilities as the military transforms itself to meet future needs. Members of our team have spent much of this year gathering critical data and developing analytical tools in support of both Navy and Air Force projects. Operational effectiveness is going to rely on the capabilities of the Joint Force.


Straddling both the military and commercial worlds is energy - everyone needs new ways to make it, store it, and move it. All the while, we want it to be cleaner, safer, and more sustainable. We are engaged on multiple fronts to bring our analytics and logistics acumen to bear in the electric mobility and energy markets. This includes supporting commercial and government entities with the software and services needed to plan and build the country’s electric vehicle infrastructure. We’ve also helped shepherd eTHOR -  a semi-autonomous, electric vehicle prototype with exportable energy and modular 5G communications assets - through over a year of testing, evaluation, and demonstration - most recently seen at the 2023 Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Air Show and the Innovation Symposium in Washington, D.C. Of particular note, CANA also has begun significant work in the military operational energy space through projects that identify requirements and resources, and build tools, to determine optimal energy solutions for the future battlespace. It’s “energizing” work to say the least! 

Our team has been busy. But, we have taken the time to really think about camaraderie, health, and happiness. CANA had a great Wellness Initiative this year that really brought the campfire closer AND got people moving and thinking. Teams earned points for wellness activities that ran the gamut from silent meditation to mountain-biking and jiu jitsu. We encouraged, and occasionally egged, each other on to complete a virtual milestone journey across the United States, with imagined stops at CANAers’ hometowns. Each wellness point earned miles moved and we made the journey from Maine to Hawaii and back! 

CANA continues to grow, not only in new markets and new approaches, but in size. There’s almost 50 of us now! Each member of our team is a thoughtful addition made for the long haul. We like each other and respect individual talents. This flows outwards to our clients and partners and we hope it shows. We’re in a great season here at CANA, and we continue to be thrilled to share its fruits with you!


Happy Holidays,



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