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CANA and Colorado Mountain Club Team Up For The Win!

The Colorado Mountain Club (CMC) recently received the 2020 Public Lands Alliance (PLA) Innovative Product Award for the CMC Recreation Impact Monitoring System (CMC RIMS). CANA is a proud technology partner of CMC and helped develop and currently maintains the CMC RIMS. PLA’s Innovative Product Award recognizes an interpretive product of any medium created in partnership by a nonprofit organization and land management agency that embodies a path-breaking approach to achieve a public lands mission.

The CMC RIMS includes a mobile app, data environment, and dashboards. The CMC RIMS Mobile App is free to all users and allows crowd sourcing of outdoor recreation use and assessment data to capture impacts on outdoor recreation natural resources. The data environment provides a collection point for multiple data sources - including the mobile app data - that is then delivered to Natural Resource Land Managers, counties and municipalities for use in making resource allocation decisions.

The CANA Foundation provided the initial version of the RIMS Mobile App. Since then, CANA has been partnering with CMC to maintain the app and develop the data environment and dashboards.

The CANA team including, Dan Sterrett (Principal Software Developer) and Norm Reitter (Chief Analytics Officer), and CANA’s partners at ReconInsight have been working with CMC’s Conservation Director, Julie Mach, to develop the CMC RIMS and provide resources for stakeholders including, public land managers, counties, local municipalities, and conservation-minded volunteer groups. CMC RIMS has proven to be a key technology enabler to help CMC build their tools, networks, and capacities supporting their Strategic Plan 2025 Conservation & Stewardship goals. Find out more about the CMC's Strategic Plan 2025 Conservation & Stewardship goals on page 16, here.

We encourage anyone interested to download the free CMC RIMS app onto your Android or Apple Device from the Google Play or Apple Store! From there, you can either complete the app’s Online Training - just 20 minutes - to get access to the full assessment monitoring capabilities in the app or track your activities or enter basic impact data wherever you recreate! Check out our CMC RIMS brochure for a more detailed explanation of how CMC RIMS works.

Thank you, CMC, for allowing us to be a part of this innovative project and congratulations! Please watch their acceptance video below.


CANA Advisors is a veteran-owned, woman-owned, equal opportunity company based out of Gainesville, Virginia in the United States of America.

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