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Camp Schreiber...A Few Years Later

To Camp Schreiber's 2021 College Graduates...The CANA Foundation wishes a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Davion and Josh who both recently graduated from college! Now that you have completed your time within the Camp Schreiber program, the CANA family wishes you the very best in the next chapter of your lives. We know you will do amazing things!

Davion Josh

CANA Foundation, the internal charitable arm of CANA Advisors, was founded in 2017 with a mission to “give back to the communities we live and work in.” Camp Schreiber was one of the first initiatives that CANA Foundation undertook by providing financial support for Camp Schreiber’s tutoring program as well as mentorship to several of the young boys in the Camp Schreiber program. It is wonderful to see the success Davion and Josh have had academically as a direct result of the educational support Camp Schreiber provided them since middle school.

In an age of quick hits and instant gratification, Camp Schreiber stands out as a beacon of hope and long-term commitment to the deserving young men in Wilmington, NC accepted into their program. Designed around a ten-year promise made to each of the boys, to support them from middle school through college graduation, Camp Schreiber is fully committed to the young men selected to participate and invest in the students, their families, and their education. CANA Advisors is proud to have been a supporter of these future leaders in their communities!


Kenny McRostie

Kenny is the Senior Operations Manager at CANA Advisors and the CANA Foundation Manager and lives in Wilmington, NC.


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