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A CANAer’s Retrospective on Women’s History Month

There are almost four billion women with stories to tell here on planet Earth. That’s roughly half the world’s population. Yet, according to historical estimates, women are included in about 0.5% of recorded history. There’s a lot of catching up to do! Women always did make history and continue to do so. CANA is a part of that trajectory. Our thirteen women CANAers are intelligent, tenacious leaders. Each is, without a doubt, very much unique and brings a fresh perspective to our organization.

One member of our team - Stephanie Allison, Senior Project Manager - is a CANAer of many talents and passions. We benefit from her project management skills as well as her singular personality: optimistic, energetic, and passionate. We wanted to close out March with her observations on Women’s History Month and how to carry that focus forward.

“During Women's History Month, I reflect on those who came before us, paving the path for those of us who follow. As this month of recognition comes to an end, I encourage that in addition to reflecting on history, we also aim to make history.

2022’s Women's History Month carries the theme, "Providing Healing, Promoting Hope. Healing and hope have never been needed more than in our world today. Step up, lead the way, spread light in the lives of those around you to make a difference. Seek out those who are broken and allow your care and compassion to make them whole. Each of us have unique and amazing God-given gifts. Find them, use them, share them. Extend hope in a world that is hurting. Exude peace where there is pain. Mend division amidst dispute.

You cannot pour from an empty cup. So, follow your dreams, look after yourself, take charge of your life, fill your soul! Then let all the joy you've created overflow throughout your families, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

Rise to the challenge. "Make history!” "


Stephanie is a Senior Project Manager here at CANA. You can contact Stephanie at

CANA LLC is a Veteran-Owned and Woman-Owned Company.

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