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CANA at The MORS Emerging Techniques Forum

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

CANA Advisors

CANA Showcasing Analytical Work at 2018 MORS Emerging Techniques Forum (ETF)

The MORS Emerging Techniques Forum (ETF), taking place December 4th and 5th in Alexandria, Virginia at the Hilton Mark Center, is a showcase of cutting-edge analytical methods and how to use these tools to help answer the toughest questions in both the commercial and Government arenas.

CANA is taking advantage of this opportunity to showcase analysis performed by its outstanding analytical professionals. Lucia Darrow, an Operations Research Analyst at CANA, is presenting a poster on the impact of using the INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model in determining the effects of applying advanced analytics methods to organizations. Jerome Dixon, a Senior Operations Research Analyst, is presenting work on using Machine Learning (ML) to address the challenging issue of developing a Bill of Material (BOM). And finally, Walt DeGrange, CANA’s Director of Analytics Capabilities, is participating as a panel member in a session discussing key factors in identifying and hiring high caliber analytical professionals.

If you are attending the MORS ETF, stop by the CANA Advisors' booth to learn more about the work being presented and other opportunities for CANA Advisors to help your organization improve its analytical capability.

Lucia Darrow

Lucia Darrow is an Operations Research Analyst at CANA Advisors

Jerome Dixon

Jerome Dixon is a Senior Operations Research Analyst at CANA Advisors

Walt DeGrange

Walt DeGrange is the Director of Analytics Capabilities at CANA Advisors

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