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Leadership for a Bright Future

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

CANA Advisors and MORS Leadership

Leadership Through Example

CANA would like to highlight our very own Director of Analytics Mr. Norman Reitter for his leadership both here at CANA and his leadership as the President of MORS this past year.

A bit about Norm’s Year

We would like to take a minute to mark Mr. Norman Reitter for finishing up an incredible year as President of the Military Operations Research Society (MORS). His term ended at noon on Thursday, 22 June. His presidency serves as a capstone to his time serving as a Director of the Society. We, his friends and colleagues on the Board, would like to highlight some of his achievements and accomplishments.

MORs 85th Symposium

This year, Norm oversaw many new initiatives for the Society. Of most immediate note, he saw the Society hold their first Symposium outside the National Capitol Region since 2012. He also oversaw successful special meetings, including April’s Educational Colloquium featuring Rear Admiral Jesse Wilson as keynote speaker, October’s Wargaming Meeting, featuring Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work, and the first-of-its-kind Emerging Techniques Meeting in December.

This past year also saw the first MORS Certificate Program (MCP) certificates awarded to 29 students in Wargaming. The Wargaming MCP provided training available nowhere else and filled a critical professional development need in the national security analytics workforce.

Additionally, Norm’s leadership as past VP-Finance and Management, plus his time as President-Elect has seen Society return to financial stability. The Society also saw growth in the focus on the younger members in the community, and a re-invigoration in publications – both the member magazine PHANALX and the MORS Journal.

Passing the gavel to Joe Adams

Norm passing the MORS gavel to new President-Elect Joe Adams

As a Past President, Norm joins a strong heritage and will be serving the National Security Analysis Community for years to come.

Finally, it has been our distinct privilege to serve alongside Norm, both in our jobs and in MORS. His calm demeanor and easygoing style really champion others and brings out the best in his colleagues.

Thank you, Norm!

Walt DeGrange, VP-Professional Development

Harrison Schramm, Advisory Director.

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