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Spring into 2017 with CANA

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Team CANA 2017

Recently CANA had its annual Company Spring Offsite. It was once again held at the lovely Airlie resort and hotel in Warrenton, VA. As always, the Airlie was very accommodating and a refreshing location to host our meetings and get together. Beyond the lovely atmosphere provided by the rolling hills of Warrenton, VA, the Offsite afforded our team a great chance to connect face to face and to talk about the current state of CANA and the future of where we are going.

The Airlie Hotel and resort

The general theme of the offsite was technology and more to the point, our utilization of current technologies and how we at CANA are using them or could use them to expand our footprint into the analytics, logistics, and operational realms with the new technologies. Look for some great blog posts and articles from our CANA team members coming soon about some of these technologies, and what the future holds for everyone as new data utilization tech becomes more common.

The annual Offsite also provided us the chance to welcome aboard a couple of new team members to the CANA family. CANA would like to welcome the talents and expertise of Mr. Jerome Dixon and Mr. Tom Turner.


Jerome Dixon

Jerome Dixon retired from the U.S. Navy in 2016. He is passionate about the balance between People, Processes, and Technology and how best to use these strategic levers to drive up organizational effectiveness and add value. Jerome joins our team as Senior Operations Research Analyst at CANA.

Tom Turner

Tom Turner also joins CANA as a Senior Operations Research Analyst bringing his former US Marine Corps experience and years of private, public and corporate sector analyses. "His unique background adds a deeper depth and breadth of expertise and experience to our various clients and their diverging interests.

The passion both these new team members bring to the table will help CANA in the government, corporate and public sectors with strategic advantage and efficiencies as well as how best to use People, Processes, and Technology to solve or improve societal challenges.

So, as we welcome new members and build upon our own technologies, 2017 continues to look bright for CANA and awesome for our clients.

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