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What’s Up with Dust? TerraLOC: A Cost Savings Dust Abatement Solution

The MonoSol team and their manufactured biodegradable polyvinyl acetate-based TerraLOC product has been a loyal partner of CANA’s for many years. We are privileged to be an exclusive partner as we are positioned to provide our clients a solution not only to reduce asset maintenance costs, but also to improve safety and increase occupational health benefits with an environmentally-friendly, easy to use dust abatement agent, especially in hazardous environments. CANA is seeing a high demand signal for federal, military, and commercial applications. Maintenance management fleet operations chiefs in aviation and ground systems are looking to dust abatement as a low cost alternative solution that could generate millions of dollars in annual cost savings. For example, our recent TerraLOC application at Kirtland Air Force Base for the 58th Operations Support Squadron – for the fourth consecutive year – has extended the life of high-cost aircraft parts, such as engines, by reducing the frequency of major maintenance inductions for the helicopters. In addition, by being able to land on the TerraLOC-treated HLZs closer to Kirtland AFB, aircraft and personnel are able to conduct training that previously required longer flight times. The overall reduction in flight hours reduces fuel consumption and costs and ultimately provides additional maintenance cost savings.

On the ground equipment side, the application of TerraLOC on unpaved roads, unpaved vehicle lots, construction sites and other similar areas can reduce maintenance costs due to the cumulative damage from dust on filters, bearings and machinery. Additionally by treating key areas and suppressing dust, TerraLOC improves visibility and overall safety as well as significantly reducing the amount of dangerous dust and silica particles inhaled.

The MonoSol/CANA team provides clients with the full range of dust abatement solutions from solo product purchases to “turn key” site preparation and applications. Let us help you realize improved aircraft and equipment reliability with reduced maintenance costs as well as a safer operating environment. Contact us today to learn more about the MonoSol/CANA dust abatement solutions.

TerraLOC being applied

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