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Cycling to Make a Difference

Face of America 2015 Ride

CANA Advisor's Walt DeGrange recently participated in the "Face of America Charity" bicycle event. We are proud to have sponsored Walt for this great cause. Here is his recap of his ride.

photo of riders

I had the honor of participating in the Face of America charity bicycle ride this April. There are several reasons to participate in this type of event: to raise money and awareness for a good cause, to get out and ride your bike, and to see beautiful scenery. This ride had all of those aspects and more.

the bike tour escort

Over 100 of the total 600 riders were disabled. Able bodied riders bicycled along side disabled riders from the Pentagon in DC to the battlefield in Gettysburg. For two days and 110 miles we all shared one road. Hearing the life stories of disabled riders was very inspiring. Many disabled riders were using the ride to challenge themselves and continue forward on their path to overcoming traumatic injuries.

Face of America cyclists

Another great part of this ride was the support of the local communities. There were many locations along the route where folks came out to cheer and support the riders with American flags and posters.

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