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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

At CANA, we believe in maintaining strong community bonds. Our community starts within our core of talented employees and extends to our clients, partners, professional organizations, families, and individual social circles – our community impacts our way of thinking through an exchange of ideas, concepts, history, and feedback. These connections allow us to understand how we can provide better services and products to positively impact personal lives and business outcomes. To support these bonds, we have taken a small, but important step to open up our ideas, concepts, solutions and products to our CANA Community – through a new part of our Website, called “CANA Connection”. CANA Connection is a virtual place where you can visit to see the latest happenings at CANA, read blog posts from our talented and visionary employees, and engage us in a conversation. We know that this increased level of virtual interaction will lead us to identifying new problems to tackle and help engage with our innovations processes to help create improvements throughout our community.

CANA Advisors embraces a virtual business model. We feel that this helps us get outside of the ‘cube farm’ mentality of chasing a number and puts us in a place where our workforce is able to more freely engage in active conversation outside the boundaries of traditional brick and mortar. Our virtual workforce adds additional client and partner benefit, allowing us to engage clients and partners across a wide geographical area while also allowing us to use the latest technology to effectively collaborate, brainstorm, and improve government and business operations. We are proud of our workforce and are glad that we can support them to “work their passion” in an environment that best suites them. CANA Connection adds to CANA’s robust collaborative infrastructure and is your connection into our community – yes, this is now your community too.

Keep coming back to see our posts. Connect with us on our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Engage. We look forward to sharing our ideas and hearing yours!

CANA Advisors

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