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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered how that ‘thing’ that you purchased (whether on-line or in a store) gets to you – a place where you can touch, feel and use it? Have you ever wondered about the complex network of suppliers, distributors, stockers, and customer service organizations that are involved in this seemingly automatic transaction? Do you think about ‘what if’ something happened in the world (e.g. an earthquake in Japan, a tsunami in China, a labor strike in California, a cyber attack on a retail database) and how it might impact our domestic and global economies?

At CANA we think about these things.

Global supply chains are complex. Running a business, whatever business sector you’re in, no matter how small or big, puts you into contact with a global supply chain. This is inevitable in today’s environment. Understanding your supplier and supply chain risk has moved from interesting to critical – their performance can directly impact your ability to deliver. And face it, we are all motivated to deliver on time, at the right location, in the right form – whether we are delivering products or services. CANA professionals – spanning a range of logistics operations and analytics expertise – think of supply chain risk in simple terms – terms that you’ve typically heard, read about, and maybe even use. Risk is a function of the likelihood of an event occurring, the impact of the event if it happens, and any ‘down stream’ effects on the related supplier and supply chain network. Our differentiator is how we use our expertise and analytics to identify potential risk events, assess the impact of events, and determine mitigation actions that will actually work.

Engage us to let us help you improve your supply chain risk awareness and planning capabilities.

CANA is leading a working group at next week’s Military Operations Research Society’s (MORS) special meeting on How Risk Assessments Inform National Security Decision Making (we’re leading working group 3, so join us there!). Our working group will focus on socializing and developing analytic methods to assess your supply chain risk (i.e. considering identification, impact, mitigation) whether your organizational mission falls within the Federal or commercial sector. You can register at the MORS site (best way) or let us assist you. Either way, let us know that you’re attending so that we can help customize the working group content toward your needs. If you can’t attend, no worries! Let us know where you’re interested, and we will help assess and improve how you think of and plan for risks across your supply chain.

If you haven’t considered the impact of your supply chain on your organizational performance, what are you waiting for?

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