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“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”
- George S. Patton

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Ms. Renee Carlucci is a Principal Operations Research Analyst for CANA Advisors and is a seasoned technical professional that served as an Operations Research/Systems Analyst (ORSA) for both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps. Ms. Carlucci has experience providing analysis and decision support in a wide variety of areas including logistics, force management, mobilization & deployment, missile defense, stationing, and operational/theater campaign analysis for both institutional and forward-deployed organizations. Ms. Carlucci’s current analytical experiences include force simulations at all levels, with more recent experiences examining Marine Expeditionary Force flow, particularly arrival and assembly. She has supported clients by developing numerous simulation models or custom software for insight and decision support for a variety of logistical problems. 

Ms. Carlucci has over 30 years subject matter experience in delivering analytics and information-based solutions to support complex military and logistics problems. Ms. Carlucci pairs an education in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Operations Research. Ms. Carlucci’s forte is in selecting, designing, developing, and evaluating the appropriate ORSA technique(s) for the problem at hand. She has performed hundreds of studies and briefed the results to a variety of audiences including general officer / senior executive service level (OSD, Army, Marine Corps, Joint Staffs and Combined Staffs). 

Ms. Carlucci has a long history of providing operations research-based analysis to military problems and helping different types of organizations improve the quality of their decision support. Ms. Carlucci maintains awareness and practice of analytic best practices through routine participation in and presentation at symposia, workshops, and communities. She is an active Military Operations Research Society (MORS) member and was named a Fellow of the Society in 2018.

Education and Certificates

Federal Executive Institute (FEI) Leadership for A Democratic Society

2007 MS, Applied Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University, Whiting Engineering School

1997 BS, Computer Science, Towson University

Accomplishments & Awards
  • Over 30 years of experience in analysis, modeling, & simulation application including Force Management, Mobilization and Deployment, Theater Missile Defense, Military Logistics, and Campaign and Theater-Level Analyses.

  • A seasoned technical professional with a consistent record of success in a variety of professional environments.

  • Languages: R, Visual Basic/VBA, SIMSCRIPT, C, AWK, LISP, FORTRAN, PASCAL


  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Microsoft Access

  • ARC-GIS; Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, 2007


Developing a Web API for DoD: 

Retrograde from Iraq, January 2014, ASIN: B00W4C5H8C


Renee Carlucci

Principal Operations Research Analyst
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